29 09, 2017
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10 Of The Best Muzzleloader Bullets For Hunters

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Are you looking for some good bullets to use in your smoke pole this hunting season? Well, here are 10 of the best muzzleloader bullets you need to try out.  As more and more hunters have started using muzzleloaders, the major ammunition manufacturers have devoted additional time, money, and energy towards developing good quality muzzleloader

18 11, 2015
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How To Hunt With A Muzzleloader

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Keep reading to learn how to hunt with a muzzleloader. Hunting with a muzzleloader can be a challenging, yet rewarding way to take to the woods after a wide range of game each year. Hunting with a muzzleloader also has several advantages, such as special muzzleloader seasons in many states and the fact that a

15 10, 2015
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Muzzleloader Deer Hunting In Eastern Washington

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Keep reading to learn what happened on my muzzleloader deer hunting trip in eastern Washington. I've been waiting for deer season all year long and I was ecstatic to finally be able to go on my long awaited muzzleloader deer hunting trip in eastern Washington. I even got a new muzzleloader (a CVA Optima Northwest

20 09, 2015
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CVA Optima Northwest Review

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Keep reading to get the details on my CVA Optima Northwest review. Updated 15 October 2015 In preparation for deer season this year, I recently got a new muzzleloader: a CVA Optima Northwest. Very similar to the CVA Wolf Northwest, the Optima Northwest is part of a line of muzzleloaders designed by CVA that meet

20 03, 2015
  • my first blacktail deer featured

My First Blacktail Deer

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Keep reading to learn the story about how I got my first blacktail deer.   Blacktail deer are some of the toughest deer to hunt in North America. They inhabit thick forests in western California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia where visibility is often very short and hunting season nearly always coincides with bad weather.

14 01, 2015
  • PowerBelt Bullet Review: 250gr AeroLite vs 270gr Platinum featured

PowerBelt Bullet Review: 250gr AeroLite vs 270gr Platinum

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Check out this PowerBelt bullet review comparing the 250gr AeroLite to the 270gr Platinum bullets. Over the past year, I've tried many different bullets and powder loads in my CVA Wolf Northwest muzzleloader to see what works the best. In this test (courtesy of, I decided to conduct a PowerBelt bullet review where I

8 12, 2014
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Cold Weather Muzzleloader Hunting Tips

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Check out this article about cold weather muzzleloader hunting tips. Hunting big game with a muzzleloader can be an extremely fulfilling experience and as a result, muzzleloader hunting is becoming more and more popular among hunters these days. However, hunting with a muzzleloader can also be extremely challenging and frustrating. This is especially true with

11 09, 2014
  • CVA Wolf Northwest Bullet Review featured

CVA Wolf Northwest Bullet Review

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Updated 6 December 2014 Check out this CVA Wolf Northwest bullet review comparing the Hornady SST, Barnes Spit Fire TMZ, & Barnes Spit Fire T-EZ bullets in the CVA Wolf Northwest. Click here to my review of the CVA Wolf Northwest muzzleloader. As hunting season has gotten closer, I've done more testing to determine the

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