20 05, 2015
  • how to shoot with both eyes open

How To Shoot With Both Eyes Open

Read on to find out how to shoot with both eyes open.   There are plenty of benefits to shooting with both eyes open, especially when shooting shotguns and handguns. However, doing so is easier said than done and most people have to fight very hard to overcome the natural tendency to close their non-dominant

1 05, 2015
  • harris bipod review featured

Harris Bipod Review

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Check out this Harris bipod review where I discuss my recent experiences and impressions of my new S-BR Harris Bipod. I recently received a S-BR Harris Bipod and mounted it to my Sig Sauer M400 FDE Enhanced rifle. I've owned my M400 for a couple of years now and I recently started looking for a

26 04, 2015
  • taylor ko factor

What Is The Taylor KO Factor?

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Keep reading to learn all about the Taylor KO Factor. Developed by the legendary ivory hunter/poacher John "Pondoro" Taylor in the mid-1900s, the Taylor KO (Knock Out) Factor is one of many methods used for comparing the relative stopping power of big game hunting cartridges. While not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, the

9 04, 2015
  • 7 best deer hunting calibers

7 Best Deer Hunting Calibers

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Keep reading to find out my choices for the 7 best deer hunting calibers of all time. Deer are the most sought after big game animal in North America and many hunters take the sport very seriously. Discussions about the best deer hunting calibers have been occurring around campfires all over the world for decades.

20 03, 2015
  • my first blacktail deer featured

My First Blacktail Deer

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Keep reading to learn the story about how I got my first blacktail deer.   Blacktail deer are some of the toughest deer to hunt in North America. They inhabit thick forests in western California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia where visibility is often very short and hunting season nearly always coincides with bad weather.

15 03, 2015
  • Beginners Guide to Choosing the Right Gun For Small Game Hunting

How To Choose A Gun For Small Game Hunting

Continue reading to find out how to choose the right gun for small game hunting. Most hunters have their first hunting experiences pursuing small game such as rabbits, squirrels, or grouse. In addition to being lots of fun, it is also a great way to introduce new hunters to the sport and teach them some

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