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10 08, 2014
  • RWS H-Mantel 9.3x62mm

RWS H-Mantel: A Fantastic All-Purpose Bullet

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Read on to learn all about the RWS H-Mantel. Produced by RWS (Rhinelandic-Westphalian Explosives Aktiengesellschaft), a German ammunition company also known for manufacturing air rifle and rimfire ammunition, the H-Mantel bullet is an innovative design built to excel in a wide variety of hunting situations. The H-Mantel is designed to perform well on a broad range

31 07, 2014
  • how to sight in a rifle

Here’s How to Sight In a Rifle With A Scope

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Interested in finding out how to sight in a rifle with a scope? Keep reading for some step by step instructions. Regardless of whether you're hunting black bear, deer, cape buffalo, or some other big game animal, it's crucial that you properly prepare your equipment for the hunt. Among other things, you should verify that