Ep 64: 338 Federal vs 308 Winchester vs 358 Winchester For Big Game Hunting

338 Federal vs 308 Winchester vs 358 Winchester For Big Game Hunting


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Today, I want to give a shout out to Steve. Steve was one of the very first guys to make a topic request for the Big Game Hunting Podcast. He emailed me a couple of months ago with a request for an episode about the .358 Winchester and what its suitable for hunting. 

Most hunters and shooters in North America are probably familiar with the .308 Winchester cartridge as well as cartridges like the .243 Winchester and 7mm-08 Remington that are descended from it. However, the .338 Federal and .358 Winchester are also well designed short action cartridges descended from the .308, but are not nearly as well known.

Indeed, the .358 Winchester was one of the first cartridges designed using a modified .308 Winchester case while the .338 Federal is a relatively new SAAMI standardized rifle cartridge. Though they each have their limitations, both cartridges offer certain advantages when compared to their parent cartridge.

So today I’m going to do a detailed comparison of the 338 Federal vs 308 Winchester vs 358 Winchester in order parse out the differences between those three cartridges so you can make an informed decision regarding which one will work best for you.

Feel free to send me a message with any feedback you have on the show as well as topic requests for future episodes.

What We Covered

1) History of the .338 Federal, .308 Winchester, and .358 Winchester.

2) Comparison of the ballistics of those three cartridges.

3) Evaluation of their suitability for various hunting situations.

4) Recommendations regarding which cartridge is best for you.


Blog article mentioned in podcast:

338 Federal vs 308 Winchester vs 358 Winchester: What You Need To Know