Welcome to the Big Game Hunting Blog Resources section, a list of the tools that I strongly recommend for hunters wanting to have more success afield. Regardless of whether you’re new to hunting, have many decades of experience, are a DIY hunter, or want help finding a good hunting outfitter, there is a resource on this page that will make your life easier.

I have personally tested every recommendation on this page.

Indeed, I continue to use these resources on an ongoing basis to find places to hunt, draw tags, buy the best gear, and continue to develop my skills as a hunter. Many of the resources listed here were absolutely crucial in helping me get to where I am today as a hunter.

Before going any further about these resources, here’s an important disclosure:

Some of the resources below are for affiliate or partner companies, which means I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I have experience with all of these companies and I was a customer before I became an affiliate. For that reason, I recommend them because they are useful and not because of the commissions I make if you decide to buy something.


hunting resources goHunt

I do a lot of DIY hunting on public land in the United States. Those hunts are extremely fulfilling, but have a steep learning curve, particularly for non-resident hunters like me. Where should you go to hunt specific animals? How do you navigate the complicated web of random draws, preference points, and bonus points to draw a tag?

Fortunately, the folks at goHUNT provide some of the most comprehensive information available anywhere on where to go to hunt iconic western animals (like mule deer, pronghorn, elk, moose, sheep, mountain goats, etc.), how to draw the necessary tag, and what hunting tactics work best in those places. I’ve used goHUNT for the past several years with great success and cannot recommend them highly enough. With their help, I’ve been able to find and draw “hidden gem” tags in several different states that there’s no way I would have known about on my own.

Use the promo code “BIGGAMEHUNTER” when you sign up for a new INSIDER membership to get $50 in store credit at the goHUNT gear shop. So, not only will you get the most up to date western drawing odds, but you’ll also get a discount on some good quality hunting gear to go along with it.


hunting resources onXmaps

Drawing the right tag is only half the battle and you need to find a place to hunt once you have that coveted tag in your hand. Fortunately, no other company can compare to onXmaps in that regard. They provide incredibly detailed and accurate maps displaying property boundaries of federal, state, county, and private lands. You can purchase a chip for your GPS or download their app to use on your phone.

This is another essential resource that I’ve used in conjunction with goHUNT to have a few great hunts on public land over the past couple of years. I started off purchasing their GPS chip, but now I primarily use their app for my phone. I can access all their map data from my computer and “E-Scout” before the season opens. Then, all of my map markups transfer automatically to my phone. It’s also really easy to share waypoints with friends using the app. Finally, if you’re hunting in an area without cell service, you can download the appropriate map and still have access to it when you’re off the grid.

Without question, onXmaps are a must for every public land hunter.

Sage & Braker

resources sage and braker

Run by my friend Fred Bohm (of, Sage & Braker makes some of the best gun cleaning equipment I’ve ever used in my life. I honestly had no idea how crummy my gun cleaning gear was until I started using Sage & Braker products. They currently produce a line of awesome gun cleaning supplies like CLP, bore cleaning kits for handguns, rifles, and shotguns, a gun cleaning mat, and a line of picks and cleaning swabs to clean the hard to reach places in your firearms.

To purchase some fantastic Sage & Braker products for your gun cleaning kit, head on over to Amazonir?t=thbigahubl sagebrakerboresnake 20&l=ur2&o=1 or directly to the Sage & Braker web site.

Trust me: it’s well worth the money to buy some of their gear to properly clean and protect your guns.

partners and deals muzzle-loader

Though I also do a fair amount of hunting with a rifle, I love hunting with my muzzleloader and I use for all my muzzleloader supply needs. They have one of the largest selections of muzzleloaders, bullets, powders, and other muzzleloader accessories that you’ll find anywhere. Top it all off, their prices are reasonable, they ship orders quickly, and their customer service is second to none.

Big Game Hunting Adventures

big game hunting adventures logo bghb resources

Are you looking for a good hunting outfitter? I’ve been there before and believe me, I understand how tough it can be to choose a trustworthy outfitter for a guided hunt. Most guides and outfitters are really good, but there are a few bad apples that you really want to avoid at all costs.

For that reason, I founded Big Game Hunting Adventures to help pair hunters with honest, skilled, and reputable guides all over the world. I’ve already done the research to ensure every outfitter I book for makes the grade and will set you up with a great hunt. So, if you’re looking for a quality, South African hunting safari, a baited black bear hunt, or a Canada moose hunt, then check out Big Game Hunting Adventures.

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