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My name is John McAdams and I’m the founder of The Big Game Hunting Blog. Below, I’ve outlined everything you need to know to get started here. Thanks for stopping by! – John

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I originally founded The Big Game Hunting Blog in 2012 as a way of sharing my personal hunting stories. Since then, I’ve worked to turn The Big Game Hunting Blog into a useful resource for all hunters, but particularly those who are just getting started. I love talking to other hunters, so feel free to send me send me a message.

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I wrote the Insider’s Guide To Selecting The Best Caliber For Hunting Almost Anything to help hunters select the best cartridge for hunting virtually every species of game in the world. The book contains recommendations for the hunting situations best suited for some of the most popular cartridges these days.

This E-Book is a GREAT place to start if you’re new to hunting. However, it’s not limited to new hunters either. Additionally, those who download the E-Book will be given the opportunity to take advantage of some amazing add-ons as well like my Hunting Guns 101 training, a private Facebook group EXCLUSIVELY for readers of The Big Game Hunting Blog, discounts on outfitted hunts, and much, much more.


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This isn’t your typical hunting show and the Big Game Hunting Podcast covers a wide range of topics like where you need to go to hunt various species, effective hunting strategies, how to find an honest hunting outfitter, entertaining and inspiring hunting stories, the ins and outs of public land hunting, interviews with leaders in the hunting industry, how to choose the best rifle, cartridge, and ammunition and other gear for a particular hunt, and much more.

Hunting season never ends here, so click the link below for your preferred service (Apple, Google Play, Spotify, etc.) and hit the “subscribe” button to get future episodes downloaded directly to your computer, phone, or tablet.

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