Bonus 2: Ammo Status Update September 2021

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Today’s I’m going to address the thing that’s on EVERYBODY’S mind: what the heck is going on with ammo these days and when will things return to normal. Trust me, I’m concerned about this too. So, that’s what we’re going to talk about today: the roots of the current situation, what has happened in the past year and a half, and when we might see things get back to normal.

What We Covered

1) Background on how the ongoing ammunition shortage got started.

2) Detailed analysis of how the major events of 2020 affected ammo supply and demand.

3) How the 2017-2018 “Trump slump” factors into things.

4) How this ammo shortage compares to the previous shortage in 2012-2013.

5) What you need to know about the Russian ammunition sanctions.

6) When things will return to normal.

7) Specific things you should be doing in the meantime.


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