Ep 93: How Barrel Length and Barrel Contour Affect Rifle Performance

Are longer barrels more accurate? What is barrel contour and how does it affect performance in a hunting rifle? In this episode of The Big Game Hunting Podcast, I talk in detail on the effects of changing barrel contour and barrel length as they pertain to the performance of a hunting rifle. I discuss why they’re important and the pros and cons of different barrel lengths and barrel contours.

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What We Covered

1) What barrel harmonics are and how they impact accuracy and precision.

2) What barrel contour is and how it affects barrel harmonics.

3) Pros and cons of bull, standard, and featherweight barrel contours.

4) Discussion on barrel length and how it affects accuracy and velocity.

5) Why certain cartridges need a longer barrel for best performance.

6) Barrel contour and length recommendations for various rifle cartridges and hunting situations.


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