311: Black Bear Hunting In Birkenstocks With Johnny Mack


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Johnny Mack from the Soul Seekers Podcast is on the show with us to talk about black bear hunting. As you’ll learn here shortly, Johnny is an adult onset hunter who cut his teeth bear hunting in the PNW because that was the only thing he could hunt at the time due to schedule conflicts with work. He has since developed a great system for finding bears and has experienced a lot of success afield hunting black bears in multiple states. With that in mind, he’s going to share a few things he has learned along the way with us in this episode.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but The Big Game Hunting Podcast is about to celebrate its 5 year anniversary! In honor of crossing that milestone, we’re giving away a hunt in Africa to a deserving military veteran along with a literal pile of other amazing prizes for other podcast listeners.

Be sure to check out Episode 306 for more details on the giveaway, the prizes we’re giving away, who is eligible, and how to enter.

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Email nominations for the grand prize to: [email protected] using subject line “Africa Hunt Giveaway” and tell me why you think that veteran deserves a hunt in Africa.


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E-Scouting For Spring Black Bear – YouTube video referenced in podcast

E-Scouting For Fall Black Bear – YouTube video referenced in podcast