Ep 180: Double Rifles With Phil Massaro


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Phil Massaro is back again today to talk about the ins and outs of double rifles. We’ll talk briefly about their history, how double rifles became so associated with hunting in Africa, the pros and cons of hunting with a double rifle, many of the different cartridges used in them, what makes and models are most common these days, and how much they cost. So, this is a great episode on the fundamentals of doubles that you’ll really enjoy and will learn a lot from.

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What We Covered

1) How double rifles became so popular for hunting in Africa.

2) Pros and cons of double rifles: effective range, speed of follow up shots, available cartridges and ammo, size and weight of the rifle, cool factor, sighting system, speed of target acquisition, and cost of the rifle.

3) Discussion on the nuances of different double rifle characteristics and features.

4) Discussion on some of the more popular current production double rifles.

5) Other things to keep in mind when preparing for a hunt using a double rifle.

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