Ep 158: Gavin Lipjes On Leopard Hunting With Hounds


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Gavin Lipjes is joining us to talk about leopard hunting with hounds on this episode of The Big Game Hunting Podcast. We discuss how Gavin first got into this business, the advantages and disadvantages of hunting leopard with hounds, how to evaluate a trophy leopard on a hound hunt, what sort of and how many dogs he uses, cartridge and bullet selection for leopard hunting with hounds, an overview of how things work on a hound hunt (finding a track, how long they normally trail a leopard, and how things end), and what sort of things can happen on these hunts.

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What We Covered

1) Story of one of Gavin’s most memorable leopard hunts.

2) How Gavin first got started using hounds to hunt leopard.

3) Advantages and disadvantages of hunting leopard with hounds.

4) How he evaluates leopard trophy quality at different times during a hunt.

5) What kind of and how many dogs Gavin likes to use.

6) What it’s like when the leopard is treed or bayed.

7) Rifle set-ups that Gavin recommends for these hunts.

8) How things can go wrong.

9) Where you can go leopard hunting with hounds these days.


PantherTrackers.com– Gavin’s Web Site

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