Ep 215: Chris Parish and Leland Brown On Hunting With Lead-Free Ammo


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I have Chris Parish and Leland Brown from the North American Non-Lead Partnership on the show with me today to talk about hunting with non-lead ammunition. I’m a big advocate of hunting with certain non-lead bullets because they work so darn well. That said, I realize this is something of a sticky subject. To be clear, Chris and Leland are proponents of educating and incentivizing hunters to use non-lead ammunition (NOT requiring it). So, I’d like you to approach this interview with an open mind and listen to what they have to say about why this is a good idea.

Learn more at Nonleadpartnership.org (or on Instagram), SportingLeadFree.org (or on Instagram), and HuntingWithNonlead.org (or on Instagram).

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