Ep 76: Why You Should Consider Hunting In New Zealand

It’s unfortunate, but few people realize the full extent of the hunting opportunities available in New Zealand and it’s often overshadowed by Africa. New Zealand has beautiful scenery, friendly people, and a good variety of unique big game species that may be hunted. So in this episode of The Big Game Hunting Podcast, we’re going to talk about some of the different species you can hunt in New Zealand as well as where to go in the country for the best hunting.

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What We Covered

1) Discussion of the various species that may be hunted in New Zealand.

2) Brief description of the hunting on New Zealand’s South Island vs the North Island.

3) Why chamois and Himalayan Tahr are underrated animals that you should consider hunting in New Zealand.

4) Where to go in the country for great hunting for red stag, tahr, elk, chamois, and fallow deer.

5) How to get to New Zealand from the United States and Canada.


Picture of the Himalayan Tahr I shot in New Zealand below.

picture of tahr new zealand big game hunting podcast


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