Ep 85: Phil Massaro On Plains Game Hunting In Africa


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Today, Phil Massaro is back on the show. In this episode of the Big Game Hunting Podcast, we had a great discussion on hunting plains game. We talked about some of the ins and outs of hunting plains game: how tough they are, proper shot placement, choosing the right, bullet and cartridge, some underrated species of plains game and some other things you should keep in mind when preparing for a hunt for in Africa.

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What We Covered

1) What is plains game?

2) What explains the reputation African plains game has for toughness?

3) Phil’s take on what he considers the toughest species of plains game pound for pound as well as the most underrated species of plains game.

4) Specific plains game bullet and cartridge recommendations.


1) PhilMassaro.com – Phil’s Web Site

2) Phil Massaro’s FacebookInstagram, & Twitter Pages

3) The Perfect Shot II– Kevin “Doctari” Robertson is a veterinarian and a long-time professional hunter from Zimbabwe. He puts his knowledge of animal anatomy and experiences hunting game in Africa to good use in his “Perfect Shot” series of books. The newer book “The Perfect Shot II” has the same useful information as the first edition of the book regarding shot placement and general information about some of the most popular species to hunt in Africa. However, he updated the book to also included more animals and to reflect newer bullets that didn’t exist when he wrote the first edition. 

I own both editions of the book and the knowledge I gained from reading them was easily worth several times the price I paid for the book. In addition to the full sized book, you can also purchase a pocket-sized shot placement reference titled The Perfect Shot Mini-Edition that contains shot placement diagrams for some of the most popular species of game to use for quick reference on your hunt.

4) The Perfect Shot For Dinosaurs– Phil Massaro wrote this book in a similar style to Kevin Robertson’s books, but for hunting dinosaurs. Ever thought about hunting a T-Rex? Well, Phil gives solid advice on exactly what cartridge and bullet you should choose as well as exactly where to shoot it.

5) Below is a photo of Phil with the kudu he referenced in the interview. This is the one they encountered while driving back to camp and the PH had to wake him up to shoot.

picture of phil massaro kudu


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