Ep 80: Slade Johnston On Trips 4 Trade

What would you say if I told you there were a way to work out a trade with another hunter somewhere else in the world where you guys exchange hunts? Maybe you take a hunter from Colorado deer, hog, or turkey hunting in your neck of the woods, and in exchange, that same person takes you elk or mule deer hunting in Colorado?

Would that sort of deal interest you?

Well, we have Slade Johnston on the show today and he’s the founder of Trips 4 Trade, which is a company that can help you do just that.

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What We Covered

1) Overview of Trips 4 Trade and how it works.

2) Examples of trades currently listed on the site as well as examples their service has facilitated.

3) Rules of trades and how users can protect themselves from fraud.

4) Advantages of using Trips 4 Trade instead of doing it alone or booking with an outfitter.


1) Trips4Trade.com – Learn more about Trips 4 Trade. Use promo code BIGGAMEHUNTING when you sign off for 20% off an annual membership.

2) Trips 4 Trade Facebook and Instagram Pages


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