Ep 182: Suppressors 101 With Silencer Central CEO Brandon Maddox


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Brandon Maddox, the owner and CEO of Silencer Central, joined me on this episode to talk about the ins and outs of silencers. We talk about the pros and cons of hunting with a silencer, how to get one, and how Silencer Central has revolutionized the process of obtaining a silencer to make the process as easy and as fast as possible. As I like to do, we dig deep into the details of both the legal side of suppressor ownership (to include traveling with one), the logistics of silencers like barrel threading, silencer maintenance, and the new E-Forms the ATF just started accepting that should make the process much faster than it used to be.

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Silencer Central Banish 30 Review – Article referenced in podcast

What We Covered

1) Background on Brandon and how he got into the Silencer business.

2) Silencer vs suppressor

3) States where suppressors are legal to own and legal to hunt with.

4) The benefits of hunting and shooting with a suppressor.

5) How much suppressors actually reduce sound.

6) Recommended maintenance of a suppressor.

7) Legal process for purchasing a suppressor, how Silencer Central can make that process easier, and what the future might hold on that front.

8) Benefits of using a trust to purchase a suppressor.

9) Things to keep in mind when traveling with a suppressor to a different state as well as a different country and what happens when you move.

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