Ep 82: Cable Smith On Moose Hunting

Are you dreaming of going moose hunting, but aren’t sure how you’ll be able to afford a hunt in Alaska or the Yukon? The good news is that there are some places in Canada that also offer some really awesome moose hunts that cost a fraction of what you’ll pay for a moose hunt in Alaska. Cable Smith from the Lone Star Outdoor Show is back today and he shared the story of his moose hunt in Newfoundland last year and why those hunts are a great option for many people.

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What We Covered

1) Brief overview of Newfoundland moose hunts, what time of year they occur, and about how much they cost.

2) Story of Cable’s Newfoundland moose hunt.

3) Recommended gear, cartridge, and bullets for moose hunting.

4) Other things to keep in mind about hunting moose.


1) LoneStarOutdoorShow.com – Cable’s Web Site

2) Facebook and Instagram Pages For The Lone Star Outdoor Show

3) Learn more about Arluk Outfitters and their moose hunts

4) Below are a few photos of Cable on his Moose hunt.

cable smith moose terrain 1
cable smith moose terrain 2
cable smith moose blind 1
cable smith moose backstrap


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