Ep 44: CVA Paramount: What You Need To Know

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CVA Paramount

The CVA Paramount is one of the hottest new muzzleloaders on the market. Advertised as suitable for hunting situations in excess of 300 yards, the Paramount incorporates a bunch of interesting and unique new features that set it apart from other muzzleloaders. I’ll be hunting with a CVA Paramount this fall and here’s what I think about this new muzzleloader so far.

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What We Covered

1) Why long range shots are so challenging with a muzzleloader

2) Details about the new PowerBelt ELR bullet

3) What sort of ballistic performance you can expect out of the CVA Paramount

4) What sort of accuracy you can expect out of the CVA Paramount

5) What I like and don’t like about the rifle so far

6) Should you buy a CVA Paramount?


CVA Paramount: Read This Before You Buy One!– Learn more about the CVA Paramount by reading this detailed write-up.


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