Ep 92: Dan Roland On Dall Sheep Hunting In Alaska And Canada


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Today, Dan Roland is back for another great hunting discussion on the Big Game Hunting Podcast. You may remember him from episode 84 when we talked about hunting brown and grizzly bear up in Alaska. Well, Dan has also been on a couple of Dall Sheep hunts in Alaska and the Yukon and we really get into the nitty gritty details of those hunts in this episode. So, if you’ve always dreamed about a sheep hunting adventure, then you’ll love today’s show.

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What We Covered

1) Brief overview of Dan’s sheep hunts.

2) Discussion of challenges he faced on each hunt and how he overcame them.

3) Challenges associated with finding a legal ram in Alaska.

4) Things he wished he knew before going on those hunts.

5) Discussion on the travel and logistics involved with hunting in Alaska and the Yukon.

6) Discussion on gear recommendations for those hunts.

7) About how much a Dall Sheep hunt costs.


You can connect with Dan on Instagram danroland67

Below is a photo of Dan with his Dall Sheep. Notice that the ram’s right horn is broomed.

picture of dan roland dall sheep