Ep 95: Eric Miller On Federal Premium Ammunition, The .224 Valkyrie, And The .338 Federal

Eric Miller from Federal Premium joined me on this episode of The Big Game Hunting Podcast. We talked about the history of Federal Premium, the different types of bullets and big game ammo lines Federal Premium currently manufactures, the various situations that ammo is best used for, and the story of the .338 Federal and .224 Valkyrie cartridges and what advantages they offer to hunters. 

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What We Covered

1) Brief overview of the history on Federal Premium and what the company is up to today.

2) What you need to know about the Federal Power Shok line (get Federal Power Shok ammo here).

3) What you need to know about the Federal Fusion line (get Federal Fusion ammo here).

4) What you need to know about the Federal Non-Typical line (get Federal Premium Non-Typical ammo here).

5) What you need to know about the Federal HammerDown line (get Federal Premium HammerDown ammo here).

6) What you need to know about the Federal Premium Centerfire Rifle line (get Federal Premium Centerfire Rifle ammo here).

7) What you need to know about the Federal Premium Safari line (get Federal Premium Safari ammo here).

8) Details on various non-lead ammo options Federal Premium offers.

9) More specific details on the history, design, evolution, and performance characteristics of the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, the Trophy Bonded Tipped, the Edge TLR, and the Terminal Ascent bullets.

10) Recommendations on specific bullets and ammunition lines for various hunts.

11) What you need to know about the .224 Valkyrie and .338 Federal Cartridges.


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