Ep 41: Glenn Guess On How To Call Hogs

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Glenn Guess On How To Call Hogs

We’re back for another episode about hunting hogs today and once again, I’m joined by Glenn Guess of Hog Zombies. In the last episode we talked about how to hunt hogs in general. Today, Glenn and I are going to talk about a lesser known way of hunting hogs: by calling them.

Glenn pretty much wrote the book on hog calling and he’s going to give us an overview of how to call hogs: how to pick a spot to call, what sort of gear you’ll need, and a few other things you can do to increase your odds of success (and have more fun) on a hog hunt. If you want to learn more about hog hunting, be sure to listen to this episode!

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What We Covered

1) Why calling hogs is such an effective hog hunting strategy

2) How to pick a good spot for calling hogs

3) Best equipment for calling hogs

4) Wind considerations when calling hogs

5) Best time of day for calling hogs

6) Recommended hog calling sequences

7) How long you should call for

8) What to do after you shoot a hog that you called in


Check out the Hog Zombies YouTube Channel, and Facebook Pages as well as Glenn’s personal Facebook page to see some of the videos Glenn and his family have made about hunting hogs and learn more about hog hunting in general.


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