Ep 87: Kendall Jones On Overcoming Adversity

Today, we have a special guest on the show who knows a thing or two about making lemonade out of an unexpected gift of lemons from the world: Kendall Jones. She’s the Texas Tech cheerleader that became the famous target of anti-hunter harassment as the result of an African safari back in 2014. As you’ll learn here shortly, Kendall suffered through some other very painful times in the years following that famous hunt in Africa that weren’t as nearly widely known. We talked about how she persevered through those struggles and what she’s up to today.

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What We Covered

1) Overview of Kendall’s hunting background and the hunt that made her famous.

2) How she dealt with harassment from anti-hunters.

3) How she persevered through the struggles following her famous 2014 hunt and the tragic death of her father in 2016.

4) What she’s up to these days.


1) TheKendallJones.com – Kendall’s Web Site

2) Kendall’s FacebookInstagram, & YouTube Pages

3) Learn more about Kendall, her story, and what she’s been up to lately by watching the video below

4) Learn more about the positive effects of well regulated, sustainable trophy hunting here: Benefits of Hunting: Why Hunting Is Good For Wildlife

5) Follow Ivan Carter on Instagram. He’s a long-time professional hunter from Zimbabwe and has done outstanding work in the name of conservation and sustainable hunting in Africa. Trust me: you’ll learn A LOT if you give him a follow.

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