Ep 125: Listen To This Interview With Renowned Buffalo Expert Kevin Robertson Before You Go Cape Buffalo Hunting


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Here’s how to prepare for the cape buffalo hunting safari you’ve been dreaming of. As promised, Kevin Robertson is back on the show again today. We’re going to have an in depth discussion on how to prepare for a cape buffalo hunt. Kevin provides some excellent advice to prospective cape buffalo hunters in this episode. Pay attention to what he has to say on how to prepare physically, how to practice shooting under realistic conditions, what you should bring with you on your hunt, and much more.

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What We Covered

1) Where cape buffalo rank in terms of the most physically demanding species to hunt in Africa.

2) How hunters should prepare physically for a cape buffalo hunt.

3) What sort of shooting conditions a hunter should expect on cape buffalo and how to prepare.

4) What gear hunters should bring with them on their hunt.

5) What to look for in a buffalo’s physical reaction to a good shot and what a death bellow is.

6) Things hunters can do while actually on their hunt to improve their odds of success.


Africa’s Most Dangerous. I highly recommend purchasing a copy of Africa’s Most Dangerous if you think you might want to hunt cape buffalo one day. I purchased this book many years ago before my first buffalo hunt and I found it extremely helpful. This book is well written and easy to read and I’ve continued to use it as a reference to this day. If you’re planning a buffalo hunt, or if you just want to learn more about cape buffalo and want a great “all in one” reference, you will not be disappointed with Africa’s Most Dangerous.


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