Ep 15: Muzzleloader Hunting Tips & Tricks

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Muzzleloader Hunting Tips & Tricks

Hunting big game with a muzzleloader can be an extremely fulfilling experience and as a result, muzzleloader hunting is becoming more and more popular among hunters these days. However, hunting with a muzzleloader can also be extremely challenging and frustrating. This is especially true with late season muzzleloader hunting where hunters may have to deal with extremely cold and/or wet conditions.

For those who are planning on taking the old front stuffer out into the woods this year, here are a few muzzleloader hunting tips that I’ve learned the hard way.

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What We Covered

1) Best practices on how to ensure your muzzleloader goes off when you try to fire it

2) Tips and tricks on how to keep your muzzleloader powder dry

3) How to safely hunt with a muzzleloader and how to get the best accuracy out of it while afield

3) What to do if your muzzleloader has a misfire or hangfire

Show Resources

1) How To Hunt With A Muzzleloader– Blog article referenced in podcast

2) Cold Weather Muzzleloader Hunting Tips – Blog article referenced in podcast

3) Best Muzzleloaders For Hunters In 2019 – Learn more about specific muzzleloaders that are great choices for hunters

4) Muzzle-Loaders.com– Check them out for all your muzzleloader needs


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