Ep 191: Join My Live Podcast Event & Meet Kevin Robertson In Person!

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I have some great news that I’m extremely excited to share with you today! First, join Kevin Robertson and I at The Big Game Hunting Podcast meet and greet at Conroe Taxidermy on 7 May 2022.

Be sure to purchase one of Kevin’s books here prior to the event if you don’t already have a physical copy and if you’d like for him to sign one for you.

Next, support me through Patreon here. I will record Kevin’s talks at the event and Patreon supporters will be able to consume those recordings online. In addition to these presentations, I will be providing bonus content to Patreon supporters in the future. Patreon supporters will also receive first access to future Big Game Hunting Podcast events and hunts as well as first priority when it comes to emailing me directly with questions about hunting, cartridges, and ballistics.