Ep 201: Sheep Hunting 101 With Ron Spomer

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Ron Spomer is back on the podcast today to talk about sheep hunting. Ron actually has a pretty good amount of sheep hunting experience pursuing bighorn, dall, and stone sheep in Idaho, Alaska, and Canada. Fortunately, he was generous enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to come on The Big Game Hunting Podcast today and talk to us about some of those hunting experiences and some insights based on those hunts. As usual, we talk a lot about rifles, cartridges, and bullets as well as a lot of the other stuff that goes with hunting sheep.

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4) Below are photos of Ron from some of his sheep hunts.

The first is his California Bighorn from Idaho, next is a Dall Sheep from Alaska, one of his Stone Sheep (look really close at his ultralight rifle in that photo), and finally a photo of his pack-out from a hunt in the Chugach.

CA Bighorn ID 1989 copy
1st Dall
Chugach Pack Out