Ep 27: Tim Kjellesvik On How To Improve Hunting Fitness

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Tim Kjellesvik On How To Improve Hunting Fitness

In this episode, we’ll be talking about a subject that’s really important for all hunters, but usually doesn’t get the attention it deserves: physical fitness. Now, this is obviously much more important on some hunts (like hunting elk, tahr, or mountain goat in the high country) than others (like hunting whitetail from a tree stand). Regardless of the hunt though, you’ll probably enjoy the experience a whole lot more and improve your odds of success if you’re in better physical shape.

With all that in mind, today we’re joined by Tim Kjellesvik. He’ll give us an overview of some easy steps that hunters can take to improve their overall hunting fitness that will provide tangible results afield.

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What We Covered

1) Tim’s incredible story of losing a lot of weight and dramatic improvement of his physical fitness

2) Difference between “gym fit” and functional fitness

3) The workout plan Tim uses to stay in good “hunting shape” for bow season

4) Factors you need to consider when preparing physically for an upcoming hunt

5) The single most important thing you can do improve your hunting fitness

Show Resources

1) Check out Fit To Hunt for a specific workout plan developed to help you accomplish your hunting fitness goals.

2) Learn more about Tim and his work in the outdoor industry at his blog The Thinking Woodsman and at Drury Outdoors.

3) Read Tim’s story about how he lost so much weight dramatically improved his physical fitness: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

4) Subscribe to Tim’s podcast, The Thinking Woodsman Show on Apple or Android.

5) You can also hear more from Tim by subscribing to the Drury Outdoors 100% Wild Podcast, which he co-hosts with Matt Drury.


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