Ep 72: Trail Kreitzer Talks Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Montana, and New Mexico Hunting Draw

We have Trail Kreitzer from goHunt back on the Big Game Hunting Podcast today and we’re going to go into detail about the first group of western big game application options. Specifically, we’re going to be talking about the Wyoming elk draw, the Arizona elk/pronghorn draw, the Utah draw for all species, the Montana deer/elk draw, and the New Mexico draw for all species. We’ll briefly cover the overall prospects for each draw in order to give you an idea if each individual draw is something that’s worth investigating in more detail.

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What We Covered

1) Difference between preference and bonus points.

2) What point creep is.

3) Overview of the Wyoming elk draw and why Wyoming is a good option for short, medium, and long term elk hunting plans.

4) Overview of the Arizona elk and pronghorn draw and why Arizona is a good option for medium and long term elk hunting plans as well as why drawing a pronghorn hunt there is such a long shot.

5) Overview of the Utah hunting draw and why most of the hunts in Utah are best used as a long term option.

6) Overview of the Montana deer and elk hunting draw and why those hunts, but particularly deer, are great short term options for hunters who want a great opportunity for a quality deer hunt with an easy to obtain tag.

7) Overview of the New Mexico hunting draw and why that state is a MUST apply each year, especially for pronghorn and elk as well as some of the more exotic species like ibex and oryx.


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