Ep 167: Hunting Stories And Updates From Sportsman’s Box

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It’s November now and deer season is about to start here in the part of Texas where I live and hunt. With that in mind, I have Adam Whitehead and Nic Wilson from Sportsman’s Box on the show with me. This is actually the 3rd time Adam has been on the show to talk about Sportsman’s Box. As you’ll earn here shortly, they have made some MAJOR updates to their already great products that I think you’ll enjoy just in time for the peak of hunting season.

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Sportsman’s Box is a GREAT gift for hunters, regardless of whether they’re new to the sport or have been hunting for years.

What We Covered

1) Adam shares a notable hunting story that took place after his last appearance on the show.

2) How the Sportsman’s Box first got started and how it works.

3) What’s new with Sportsman’s Box and why their boxes are now better than ever.

4) What sort of items hunters might receive in their monthly Sportsman’s Box subscription.

5) Examples of items received in Sportsman’s Box subscriptions that have been especially useful.

6) Description of the other benefits of a Sportsman’s Box membership.