101 Best Gifts For Hunters [2024]

Regardless of whether you’re shopping for a novice just getting into hunting, or someone with decades of experience afield, you’ll probably find something he or she will love on this list of the best gifts for hunters. 

I think we can all agree that it can be really tough to shop for hunters, particularly if you’re not a hunter yourself. After all, many sportsmen and women just buy the gear that they want/need for themselves. So how the heck are you supposed to come up with gift ideas for the hunter who has everything? Luckily, there are some awesome and unique gifts for hunters that are almost certain to be a winner, no matter who you’re shopping for or how much gear they already have.

This article is a hunting gift guide where I share my list of the best gifts for hunters in 2024 so you can find the ideal present for that special hunter on your gift list this year.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift, a birthday present, a Christmas gift, or something else, I can virtually guarantee that you’ll find something you like in the gift guides below.

Feel free to scroll straight through the article, or click one of the links below to jump straight to the best gifts for hunters in the specific category you’re looking for.

Our Picks For The Best Gifts For Hunters Of 2024

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Our Picks For The Best Gifts For Hunters Of 2024

1. Primos Bloodhunter Blood Tracking Light

picture of best gifts for hunters Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light

Evening deer hunts can be very productive, but they’re also much more likely to involve following a blood trail at night than a morning hunt. As anybody who has done it can tell you, blood trailing a deer after dark can be an extremely difficult and frustrating endeavor.

That’s where the Primos Bloodhunter Blood Tracking Light comes in. The flashlight uses a special lens that makes blood drops stand out from the various shades of brown and red leaves on the ground. Basically, it’s a perfect gift for deer hunters because the light makes the trail much easier to follow and really increases the odds that you’ll find your deer. Don’t go out for an evening hunt without this flashlight! For those reasons, I think this flashlight is definitely one of the best gifts for hunters of 2024!

Buy Your Primos Blood Tracking Light Here

2. Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

best gifts for hunters cell phone charger

In my opinion, the best gift ideas for big game hunters are those that are practical and solve a need a hunter may not even realize they have. Well, this solar powered cell phone charger checks both of those boxes.

It seems like just about everyone these days has a smart phone. That’s great news for hunters, because there are all sorts of useful hunting apps (like onXmaps). However, keeping a cell phone charged when away from electicity for an extended period of time can be pretty challenging. Fortunately, this solar powered cell phone charger is just what the doctor ordered.

You can pre-charge it from the grid before leaving home and it will store enough power to fully charge the battery or most Samsung or iPhones 2-4 times. If that’s not enough, this device is also rechargeable: simply leave it out in direct sunlight to charge it back up. This charger also comes with a compass, is a bright orange color to make it tougher to lose outside, and supports wireless charging. This hunting gift has stocking stuffer written all over it and is easily one of the best gifts for hunters of 2024.

Buy Your Solar Cell Phone Charger Here

3. DryGuy Boot Dryer

best gifts for hunters weatherby vanguard 2

Few things are as miserable as cold, wet feet. Unfortunately, it seems like hunting boots take forever to dry when it’s cold. That’s were a boot dryer like this one from DryGuy comes in.

Simply place whatever needs to be dried (boots, gloves, etc.) on the tubes and turn on the timer. This boot dryer will heat up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.5 degrees Celsius), which is warm enough to speed up the drying process without damaging the clothing being dried, and rapidly circulate air to dry virtually any boots or other articles of clothing within a couple of hours.

An added bonus of using the DryGuy Boot Dryer is that it also helps eliminate odors. So, not only will wet boots dry faster, but they’ll also smell better! That’s why this is definitely a great hunting gift for everyone.

Buy A Boot Dryer Here

4. The MeatEater Fish And Game Cookbook

best gifts for hunters meat eater cookbook

There’s no better way to cap off a successful hunt than a great home cooked meal made from the fruits of your hunt. However, wild game sometimes gets a bad reputation because hunters improperly handle or cook their meat. Fortunately, Steven Rinella has done a great job in this book of providing step-by-step instructions on how to break down and cook the most popular species of North American game and fish.

After reading the The MeatEater Fish And Game Cookbook, any hunter should be capable of preparing a delicious and healthy meal out of just about any species of wild game or fish. So, regardless of whether you’re shopping for a new hunter or a veteran of many years afield, this is the perfect hunting gift for anyone who wants to be a better cook. With all that in mind, this cookbook is definitely one of the best gifts for hunters available.

Buy The MeatEater Cookbook Here

5. Zippo Hand Warmer

picture of best gifts for hunters gundog grind coffee

Get one of these Zippo hand warmers for your favorite hunter and they won’t have to deal with cold, stiff, and painful hands and fingers on those cold winter mornings in a deer stand. This hand warmer produces flameless warmth without being too hot. Plus, it’s lightweight, slim, compact and will easily fit inside a pocket when not in use.

It’s also made out of metal, so it’s really durable. This particular model will provide heat for 12 hours without needing a refill, which should easily prevent cold hands during a full weekend out in a deer stand. This is one of those hunting gifts that doesn’t cost much, but delivers big benefits when really needed.

Buy A Zippo Hand Warmer Here

6. Thermacell Mosquito Repeller

best gifts for hunters barnes therma cell

There are few things as aggravating to hunters as getting eaten alive by bugs while sitting in a deer stand. I struggled for years trying to find a product to keep the bugs away without spooking game until I stumbled upon the ThermaCell. Not only does it effectively repel mosquitos and other biting insects, but it does so without producing any odor that scares off wildlife.

When I lived in Georgia, I’d have a cloud of mosquitoes swarming around me when I climbed up in my tree stand. However, they always disappeared within minutes after I turned on my ThermaCell. Not only is the ThermaCell also really effective against bugs, but it’s inexpensive, lightweight, and really easy to use. Bottom line: this is the right gift for hunters who spend a lot of time afield when the bugs are really bad, like on a spring bear hunt up in Canada or hunting deer down in the swamps of Georgia or Florida.

These mosquito repellers are available from Amazon as well as directly from Thermacell.

Buy Your ThermaCell Here

7. Outdoor Edge Field Butchering Kit

best gifts for hunters field butchering kit

There’s an old saying that the real work on a hunt begins after you get an animal on the ground. That’s certainly true and processing any sort of dead big game animal involves a lot of work, but having a nice, razor sharp hunting knife can make the task a whole lot easier. That’s part of the reason why knives are such popular gifts for hunters.

Fortunately, this field butchering kit by Outdoor Edge includes three quality stainless steel knives as well as a bone saw and a sharpener. Basically, it has everything a hunter needs to field process that deer, elk, bear, or whatever else they manage to harvest, which is why the Outdoor Edge Game Processor Kit is is a slam dunk hunting gift.

Buy Your Field Butchering Kit Here

8. AXIL GS Extreme Electronic Ear Buds

picture of best hunting gifts axil

Hunting can be a pretty noisy activity at times, especially for waterfowl hunters. Basically any type of hunting except for bow hunting can risk permanent and immediate hearing damage. Many hunters are reluctant to wear hearing protection because they don’t want to compromise their ability to hear approaching game though. Fortunately there’s a solution to those problems: AXIL GS Extreme ear buds.

AXIL GS Extreme electronic ear buds use advanced hearing aid technology to protect the user from loud noises while at the same time actually providing up to 6x hearing enhancement. So, they actually deliver the best of both worlds by providing protection from loud noises (like gun shots and heavy machinery) and amplifying quiet sounds (like the sound of a deer walking through the woods).

If all that weren’t enough, AXIL GS Extreme ear buds also have 5.0 bluetooth connectivity that allow the user to listen to music or podcasts. Since they’re designed using hearing aid technology, these electronic ear buds are also very comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Finally, you can purchase AXIL GS Extreme ear buds for 15-25% off MSRP at the link below. Add it all up and these electronic ear buds are a guaranteed winner as one of the best gifts for hunters of 2024.

Buy AXIL GS Extreme Ear Protection Here

9. Sitka Ascent Gloves

picture of best gifts for hunters sitka gloves

Premium hunting gloves are really worth the money when it comes to keeping a hunter’s hands warm while at the same time ensuring the hunter has the dexterity necessary to make a shot when the time comes. These lightweight Sitka Ascent gloves are perfect for use in mild or moderate weather where that hunter on your gift list wants to ward off a moderate chill and receive a little bit of concealment without wearing a really bulky glove

Fortunately, Sitka Ascent gloves are absolutely perfect in that role. Not only do they provide a little warmth and camouflage while preserving dexterity, but the wearer will still be able to operate a touch screen GPS or cell phone while wearing them.

This is the sort of gear that many hunters won’t buy for themselves, but they’ll REALLY appreciate receiving them as a gift from a friend or loved one. So, it could very well be the best hunting gift! These gloves are available from Amazon as well as directly from Sitka.

Buy Some Sitka Ascent Gloves Here

10. Darn Tough Hunter Socks

picture of best gifts for hunters hunter socks

Socks are one of those underrated, yet still incredibly important pieces of hunting gear. They don’t get nearly as much attention as a new rifle, bow, or optics, but they’re just as important. Unfortunately, a lot of hunters try to get by with sub-par socks. That’s too bad because, when it comes down to it, a pair of low quality socks can really ruin a hunt, whether that’s due to blisters or cold feet.

Fortunately, it’s possible to buy some really nice new socks that don’t cost a lot of money. Specifically, Darn Tough Hunter Extra Cushion Socks are made out of Merino Wool, so they’re breathable, comfortable, fast drying, and durable. Since they wick moisture away from the skin, they prevent both blisters and cold feet. For that reason, a pair or two of these socks are really useful and are an ideal hunting gift just about any hunter will really appreciate. They also make a great stocking stuffer and are the sort of socks dad will actually enjoy receiving for a Father’s Day gift!

Finally, Darn Tough Socks have an unconditional lifetime warranty. So, if that hunter on your gift list wears them out over years of hard use, they can just send them back to Darn Tough and get a replacement pair for free! Add it all up and these socks are another one of the best gifts for hunters you can get.

These socks are available from Amazon as well as directly from Darn Tough.

Buy Some Darn Tough Socks Here

11. Sitka Beanie

picture of best gifts for hunters sitka beanie

Sitka Gear produces high quality, warm, and comfortable hunting gear. This includes their beanie, which is a lightweight, low-profile hat that’s ideal for chilly mornings out hunting.

This hat also incorporates Sitka’s legendary digital camouflage pattern. So not only will it keep the user’s head warm, but it will also help break up their outline and make the wearer harder for game to spot.

I have this exact beanie and wear it on almost all of my hunts. It’s warm enough for comfort in chilly weather, but is also small and light enough to just stuff in a pocket when not in use. It also looks really darn cool as well. All in all, the Sitka Beanie is another outstanding and very reasonably priced gift for a hunter on your list.

This beanie is available from Amazon as well as directly from Sitka.

Buy A Sitka Beanie Here

12. Sitka Kelvin Lite Down Jacket

best gifts for hunters kelvin light hoody

Along with good quality hunting pants, I also need a warm, but lightweight and easy to pack jacket for the sort of hunting I do. After all, it can get really cold while sitting on a windy hillside glassing for hours at a time, but I warm up quickly once I’m up and walking.

That’s why the Sitka Kelvin Lite Hoody is such a great hunting gift. It’s really warm and comfortable to wear, but it’s also extremely lightweight and easy to stuff into a backpack when it’s time to get up and start moving. Don’t let the extremely low weight of this jacket fool you: it is not limited to just spot and stalk hunters and it’s warm enough that it will also work for whitetail hunters who are stationary for long periods of time in cool weather as well.

The Sitka Kelvin Lite jacket is available from Amazon as well as directly from Sitka.

Buy A Sitka Kelvin Lite Down Jacket Here

13. Muck Boots

best gifts for hunters redneckblind

Nothing will ruin a late season hunt faster than cold and/or wet feet. Good socks are certainly important for keeping your feet warm, but high end boots are also a vital part of the equation.

That’s why the Muck Boots are so darn popular with hunters: they’re REALLY warm and they’re waterproof. They’re also extremely durable, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off.

It’s not a good idea to attempt to skimp on quality when it comes to boots, but a lot of hunters do just that. So, do that hunter on your gift list a big favor and buy them a pair of Muck insulated boots. That’s a gift they’ll get a lot of good use out of and will warm their hearts along with their feet.

Buy Some Muck Boots Here

14. Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Kits

picture of best gifts for hunters sage and braker

I’ve been an avid shooter for many years and have used a lot of different cleaning products. However, none of them can compare to the gun cleaning products designed and sold by Sage & Braker. Not only are they great for cleaning guns, but I was absolutely blown away by the the quality of craftsmanship that goes into making them. Trust me when I say this stuff is well built and will last for a long time.

Specifically, the gun cleaning kits (bore snakes) are absolute “must have” pieces of equipment for hunters. For that reason, these are some of the best gifts for hunters to help ensure that special person on your gift list has clean and well maintained firearms for a long time.

Buy Your Gun Cleaning Kit Here

15. Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamp

best gifts for hunters black diamond headlamp

I went through a number of cheaply made headlamps before discovering the Black Diamond Storm several years ago. To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t know how I ever got by without it.

It’s waterproof, really durable, super bright, easy to use, and comfortable to wear. Best of all, the Black Diamond Storm 400 lets me shine the light on whatever I want while leaving both hands free to work.

This is a great hunting gift, but that’s not all it’s good for. It’s ideally suited for a number of other tasks as well ranging from working on a car to fixing the plumbing underneath your sink.

Buy A Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Here

16. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

picture of best gifts for hunters work sharp

Every hunter needs a high quality knife sharpener. Well, the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener is the best you can get. Serious knife guys trust the Work Sharp Sharpener with their prized knives because it’s easy to use and will quickly deliver a razor sharp edge. They’ll work for sharpening hunting knives, steak knives, regular pocket knives, and even stuff like scissors and other tools.

I have one myself and my only regret is that I didn’t buy one sooner (or that nobody gave me one as a gift). This is a hunting gift sure to make that special person on your list happy!

Buy A Work Sharp Knife Sharpener Here

17. YETI Hopper Flip 18 Cooler

picture of best gifts for hunters yeti flip

Yeti coolers are awesome and nothing else can compare to a Yeti when it comes to keeping cold things cold for extended periods of time. For this reason, a Yeti cooler makes a perfect gift for the hunter or fisherman in your life. This particular model hold up to 16 cans (plus ice). It also has a leakproof zipper and closed cell foam that will keep your drinks cold for days.

This is the perfect cooler for a day or weekend outing to hunting camp or for a day out on the water in a boat.

Buy A YETI Hopper Flip 18 Cooler Here

18. Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide 10x42mm Binoculars

picture of best gifts for hunters leupold bx-4 pro guide

A good set of binoculars can make an outstanding hunting gift, especially if that hunter on your list has a crummy set (or no binoculars at all). The Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide is one of my favorites with a great balance of magnification (10x) and a good sized objective lens (42mm) which provide a lot of light. Leupold uses excellent glass in their binoculars, which translates into really good image quality, especially in low light conditions.

There’s a reason why these binoculars are favorites among serious hunting guides all over the world. However, they don’t cost nearly as much as you might expect either. Finally, Leupold also has a great warranty in case these binoculars get damaged on a hunt. Get that special hunter on your gift list a set of these binoculars and they’ll get many years of good use out of them. In short, they’re just about the perfect hunting gift!

Buy Some Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide Binoculars Here

19. Sitka Timberline Pants

best gifts for hunters sitka timberline

I do a lot of spot and stalk hunting in really rough terrain, so I need some quality camo hunting pants that are comfortable and durable.

To date, Sitka’s Timberline Pants are the best I’ve found. They’re wind and water resistant, have removeable knee pads, and are reinforced in the seat and along all seams. I’ve used these pants successfully on hunts in the snowy mountains of New Zealand, crawling across the cactus filled plains of Wyoming, and while hiking across the rocky desert of New Mexico.

Not only are they really durable, but these pants are also comfortable across a wide range of temperatures. I cannot recommend them highly enough and they’re definitely one of the best gifts for hunters of 2024.

The Timberline pants are available from Amazon as well as directly from Sitka.

Buy Some Sitka Timberline Pants Here

20. Sitka Gear Optics Harness

picture of best gifts for hunters sitka mountain optics harness

Even the best binoculars won’t do you any good if you don’t have them on hand when you need them. That’s where the Sitka Gear Optics Harness comes in. Basically, it’s a great binocular chest harness that will keep your binoculars handy so they’re easily accessible when you need them, but also stay safe, protected, and out of the way when not in use. It also has easy to access (and removable) pouches on either side where hunters can safely store other pieces of gear like a rangefinder, cell phone, or a wind checker for easy access.

Just unhook the top, take out the binoculars, look around, then put them back in and hook the cover back up when you’re done. A good bino harness is an essential piece of gear for many hunts and this particular harness fits the bill nicely. It’s also available in both subalpine and optifade open country camouflage patterns, so you can buy the right color harness for that special hunter on your gift list. I started using this exact model (in optifade open country camo pattern, which is what’s in the picture) this year and my only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner! This optics harness is available from Amazon as well as directly from Sitka.

Buy A Sitka Gear Optics Harness Here

Unique Gifts For Hunters

21. The MeatEater Guide To Wilderness Skills and Survival

picture of best gifts for hunters wilderness survival

Like it or not, spending time outdoors can be dangerous. Luckily, those dangers can be mitigated to a large extent by learning a few basic survival skills.

The MeatEater Guide To Wilderness Skills and Survival is a perfect resource for learning skills like basic first aid, water purification, and wilderness navigation. Written by experienced hunters, anglers, climbers, wilderness guides, and emergency room doctors, this is a great unique hunting gift for helping those you care about stay safe in the outdoors.

Buy The MeatEater Survival Guide Here

22. Pocket Shot 2.0

best gifts for hunters pocket shot 2.0

The Pocket Shot 2.0 is a SERIOUS sling shot. With an aluminum body and a rotating gimbal that helps with precision aiming, the Pocket Shot 2.0 is easy to use, is very powerful, and has a pretty long range.

It’s great for just having fun in the back yard shooting at cans or boxes. However, it can also be a good tool for pest and varmint control, especially in areas where it’s not safe or legal to discharge firearms or air guns.

Finally, just like the name states, the Pocket Shot is very compact and easily fits in your pocket for easy and simple carry. This is an almost guaranteed win and is one of those really great unique gifts for hunters on your gift list!

Buy A Pocket Shot Here

23. Long Range Shooting Handbook

picture of best gifts for hunters long range shooting handbook

The gift of marksmanship is one of those really unique gifts for hunters. Fortunately, this book can help you do just that. Written by former US Army Ranger and Special Operations Sniper Ryan Cleckner, the Long Range Shooting Handbook articulates the principles of long range shooting in a simple and easy to understand manner. Ryan is an excellent instructor with extensive combat experience overseas and he shares a great deal of hard earned advice in this book.

Regardless of the experience level of the hunter on your gift list, I can virtually guarantee that they’ll learn a great deal from this book and take their marksmanship to the next level if they internalize the lessons it contains. I don’t say this lightly: I’m a relatively experienced shooter and hunter, but I bought this book, took the information Ryan provides to heart, and it literally changed my life and my marksmanship (both at the range and out hunting) has greatly improved.

Buy The Long Range Shooting Handbook Here

24. Camouflage Space Pen

picture of best gifts for hunters camo fisher space pen

Hunters occasionally need to use a pen while outdoors to fill out harvest reports, validate hunting licenses, etc. Unfortunately, a typical ball point pen has a nasty habit of not working under the really cold and/or wet conditions hunters often encounter. That’s where the Fisher Space Pen comes in.

Fisher Space pen currently manufacturers several different pens based on the same general design of the pens astronauts have taken into space since the Apollo program. Basically, they have a special gas pressurized ink cartridge which means they will write upside down, at any angle, under water, through grease, in extreme temperatures (-30 to +250 degrees F), on almost any surface, will last up to three times longer than the average pen, and will even write in the gravity free vacuum of space. They’re also made in the USA.

In addition to being really functional, these pens also just look really awesome and are available with a camouflage pattern finish or even in the shape of an actual .338 Lapua Magnum rifle cartridge. This is the perfect gift for deer hunters, waterfowl hunters, or just anyone who needs a pen that will write literally anywhere and under any conditions. Plus, it’s also another one of those unique gift ideas for hunters that will fit the bill for those really difficult to shop for people. For those reasons, a Camouflage Space Pen is definitely one of the more unique gifts for hunters these days, especially during the holiday season.

These pens are available from Amazon as well as directly from Fisher Space Pen.

Buy A Camouflage Space Pen Here

25. Blue Book of Gun Values

picture of best gifts for hunters blue book

Just like the name says, this book is a comprehensive listing of virtually every production firearm and their current value. So, it’s literally just like the Kelly Blue Book, but for guns! This is the perfect gift for hunters and shooters who are really into guns because let’s face it: all gun owners are at least a little bit curious about how much their firearms are worth.

This is the latest edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values updated with current prices for 2022, which definitely makes it a unique hunting gift. So, if you have a shooter or hunter on your gift list who enjoys reading, this book is a surefire winner.

Buy Your Blue Book of Gun Values Here

26 & 27. The Perfect Shot II and The Perfect Shot Mini-Edition

best gifts for hunters perfect shot

These books are the perfect gifts for hunters preparing a trip to Africa. Written by Kevin “Doctari” Robertson, a veterinarian and a long-time professional hunter from Zimbabwe, the Perfect Shot II is an updated edition of Robertson’s original book “The Perfect Shot” he wrote in the 1990s. The newer book has the same useful information on shot placement as well as just general information about some of the most popular species to hunt in Africa, but he’s included more animals and updated it to reflect newer bullets that didn’t exist when he wrote the first edition. Honestly, there is so much new information in this book that it’s worthwhile to buy it for a hunter who already owns the first edition.

The Perfect Shot Mini-Edition is a pocket-sized shot placement reference for some of the most popular species of game intended to be carried on hunts in Africa for quick reference should the need arise.

Buy The Perfect Shot Here

Buy The Perfect Shot Mini Edition Here

28. Outdoor Themed Coasters

picture of best gifts for hunters coasters

These coasters are a really and novel way for a hunter or gun lover to decorate a hunting lodge or man cave while at the same time protecting wooden surfaces from drinks. Additionally, these coasters are one of those pieces of home decor that a person is unlikely to already own. For that reason, this coaster set is a wonderful and unique hunting gift for really tough to shop for hunters.

These coasters are 3.5″ in diameter and a set consists of four coasters and a holster. In addition to the shotgun shell coasters pictured, these coasters are also available in a bunch of other designs featuring other hunting, fishing, and shooting themes like antlers and deer tracks.

Buy A Coaster Set Here

29. Ron Spomer Outdoors TV

picture of best gifts for hunters RSO TV

Ron Spomer is an experienced hunter and gun writer. While he still writes for major publications on occasion, he also has his own web site, podcast, and YouTube channel. He offers plenty of free content, but also provides longer videos and podcast episodes, a multitude of in-depth gun reviews, and exclusive shooting and reloading tutorials not available on YouTube to those who subscribe to his premium Ron Spomer Outdoors TV service.

RSO TV only costs $5 a month, but provides ad free videos and podcasts as well as the additional bonus content I just mentioned. If that weren’t enough, RSO TV subscribers also receive a 15% discount off all items in the RSO TV store. So, an RSO TV subscription doesn’t cost much at all, but is a nice gift that provides a lot of value for those who enjoy learning more about hunting, firearms, and ballistics.


30. Javelin Lite Bipod

picture of best gifts for hunters spartan precision bipod

A good bipod can dramatically improve accuracy while shooting from the prone position by acting as a rock solid rest. Spartan Precision is renowned for making some of the best bipods and tripods for hunters. In fact, their bipods are the primary choice for countless hunters and shooters all over the world.

Their Javelin Lite model is designed to accommodate hunters wanting a lightweight, yet still extremely effective bipod. This bipod will pivot from side to side and also features a locking mechanism so the user can stabilize the bipod at the proper angle. This is an essential feature for shooting off uneven ground, which is a common occurrence while hunting. It’s also really easy to install, simple to use, and is incredibly durable. I recently switched over to a Javelin bipod myself and my only regret is that I didn’t make that change sooner! That’s why it’s a great unique gift idea for any hunters you know.

Buy A Javelin Lite Bipod Here

Best Gifts For Hunters Who Already have Everything

31. Ozonics Orion X Ozone Generator

picture of best gifts for hunters ozonics

Though a machine that claims to eliminate your scent might sound like a gimmick, it’s actually possible to do just that with an ozone generator. Whitetail deer in particular have incredibly sensitive noses, so scent control is very important for serious deer hunters. Fortunately, Ozonics has been in this business for many years now and their products work amazingly well.

Just hang one of these Ozonics units above a tree stand or ground blind and they will virtually eliminate the odor of the hunter below to make them virtually undetectable from the incredible nose of deer and other big game. This is the sort of equipment that can help that special hunter on your gift list fill their deer tag on the buck of a lifetime. These ozone generators are awesome gifts for hunters who have everything! This ozone generator is available from Amazon as well as directly from Ozonics.

Buy An Ozonics Orion X Ozone Generator Here

32. Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag

picture of best gifts for hunters scent crusher bag

In a similar vein to the ozone generator I just mentioned, the Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag is also a great hunting gift for a deer hunter who wants to maximize his or her time afield and do as much as possible to remove any scent from their clothes or equipment that a deer might key in on. Just put the clothes or other hunting gear in this duffel bag, zip it up, plug in the bag to a wall outlet or a car charger, and turn it on. The ozone generator inside will virtually eliminate all odor from gear inside the bag within 30 minutes.

It’s also a wonderful gift for that hunter who already has everything! This bag is available from Amazon as well as directly from Scent Crusher.

Buy A Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag Here

33. Mr. Heater Little Buddy Propane Space Heater

best gifts for hunters little buddy heater

Nothing will suck the motivation out of a hunter faster than really cold temperatures. Any hunter can tell you how hard it is to get out of that warm sleeping bad for an early morning hunt when it’s really chilly outside. However, a good space heater can make cold weather a lot more tolerable.

The Little Buddy is specifically designed to be portable, but still put off a good amount of heat. It’s an ideal size for for warming up a deer stand or a duck blind. It also uses the same 1 pound (16 ounces) propane tanks as the Coleman lantern and camping stove discussed earlier in the article. I have one of these heaters that I use on some of my really cold weather hunting trips and it’s done a great job of taking the edge off those frigid mornings.

Buy Your Little Buddy Propane Heater Here

34. Cellular Trail Camera

picture of best gifts for hunters cell trail camera

Trail cameras are very useful tools for hunters, particularly for whitetail deer hunters. Luckily, there have been many really good developments in the game camera field over the past decade or so. Trail cameras these days are lighter, smaller, less expensive, and take better quality photographs than ever before. You can also purchase a cellular trail camera like this one that automatically transmits photos to the hunter’s phone for viewing. All you need is a little bit of cell phone service (you can get these cameras with Verizon, AT&T, or for both carriers)

Believe me when I say that this is a game changer. These cellular trail cameras almost eliminate the need to head out to the woods to check trail cameras and the real-time information they provide can greatly assist in planning hunts and increasing odds of success. Additionally, you can buy one of these cellular trail cameras for WAY less than what a very basic trail camera cost 10 years ago. Add it all up and it’s one of the best gifts for deer hunters currently available. Trail cameras are also awesome gifts for hunters who have everything because even those people can almost always make use of another trail camera too!

Buy A Cellular Trail Camera Here

35. Garmin InReach Mini GPS and Satellite Messenger

best gifts for hunters garmin in reach mini

The Garmin InReach uses the same sort of technology as the Spot 3 to allow users to communicate in areas without cellular reception. However, it’s combined with a fully functioning GPS unit and allows hunters to send and receive detailed text messages to stay in touch with loved ones, receive weather forecasts, and trigger an SOS message to call for help from trained search and rescue teams if the worst should occur.

All things considered, the Garmin InReach Mini has a lot more features than the Spot 3. On the other hand, it also costs a lot more. That being said, this is an extremely capable device and there is a reason so many hunting guides in remote parts of the world use it to stay in touch with civilization. Depending on their exact needs, this may or may not be a better choice for a hunter on your gift list when compared to the Spot 3, but all hunters spending time in areas without phone coverage should have either a Garmin InReach or a Spot 3.

Buy A Garmin InReach Mini Here

36. SPOT 3 Satellite GPS Messenger

best gifts for hunters spot

While cell phone coverage of the world continues to improve, many prime hunting destinations in the USA still do not have cell phone reception. However, the Spot 3 allows hunters to stay in touch with their loved ones even when they are located in some of the most remote locations on the planet.

The Spot 3 does not rely on cellular service and instead uses satellite coverage to send messages. With just a simple press of a button, the Spot 3 can send a message to a loved one to check in and say that everything is “OK.” On the other hand, it can also send an SOS signal in case of an emergency. All messages are sent with the exact GPS coordinates of the device, so the people receiving the message know exactly where the user is located. It can only send (not receive) pre-programmed messages though, so if you’re looking for something more advanced, consider a Garmin InReach.

I’ve carried a Spot 3 messenger with me on every single hunt for the past few years and I don’t ever plan on doing another hunt without one. If you worry about a hunter important to you who spends a lot of time in a remote area, this is the perfect hunter gift.

Buy A Spot 3 Satellite GPS Messenger Here

37. Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope

picture of best gifts for hunters vortex razor

The Vortex Razor HD spotting scope is an outstanding optic for serious hunters. Available with either an angled or a straight eyepiece and in 11-33x50mm, 22-48x65mm, and 27-60x85mm configurations, there is a model that will fit the needs of almost any hunter or shooter both at the range and afield.

This is an ideal gift for hunters who need top end optics for an upcoming pronghorn, mule deer, or elk hunt as well as something that works great at the range.

Buy A Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope Here

38. 6-Trey Dehydrator

gifts for hunters dehydrator

Just about everybody loves eating wild game jerky. However, not everybody can make it. So, why not give that hunter on your gift list their very own dehydrator? With that in mind, dehydrators are also nice gifts for hunters who have everything.

Not only will that person really appreciate the gift, but giving him or her the means to make jerky will also make sure that you’re first in line to actually receive some jerky for yourself!

Now that’s what I call a win-win situation! This dehydrator isn’t limited to just making jerky either and it’s also perfect for drying fruits and vegetables and offers 360 degree circulation and temperature adjustment from 90 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit for perfect cooking!

Buy A Dehydrator Here

39. 500 Watt Meat Grinder

best gifts for hunters meat grinder

Many hunters (myself included) take a great deal of pride in butchering and processing their own wild game meat. Fortunately, this is a task that’s made a lot easier with the right tools.

Getting a high quality meat grinder has significantly reduced the amount of time necessary for me to process my own wild game meat. This particular 500 Watt Meat Grinder is really easy and fast to use, but it’s also very reasonably priced and is dishwasher safe! While it’s great for grinding meat, it’s well suited for a variety of other tasks as well like making sausage. So, if you have a hunter on your gift list who needs a little assistance in processing his or her wild game meat, this is the perfect hunting gift for them!

Buy Your Meat Grinder Here

40. Yeti Tundra 75 Cooler

best gifts for hunters yeti cooler

Every hunter needs a good quality ice chest and they don’t get any better than Yeti Coolers. These coolers are heavily insulated and ruggedly built, so they can take a bunch of abuse and still keep your food cool for upwards of a week afield.

I spend a lot of time outdoors in the deserts of west Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona and I haven’t found another cooler that does as good of a job of keeping my food and drinks cold under those brutal conditions as my Yeti Tundra cooler. I’ve had multiple instances where my Yeti Cooler still had unmelted ice in it (and some VERY cold food/game meat) after upwards of a week in really hot conditions. By the way, they’re also bear resistant.

Add it all up and Yeti coolers make perfect gifts for hunters all over the United States. 

Buy A Yeti Tundra Cooler Here

41. Steel Target

picture of best gifts for hunters steel target

It’s definitely fun to shoot at paper targets, but steel targets take things up to the next level. A steel target provides instant feedback to the shooter with a satisfying “clang” sound with a hit.

Luckily, it’s possible to get a really nice steel gong target that’s easy to store, transport, and set-up for a reasonable price. This particular model comes with a steel frame stand, a 1/2″ thick steel plate that’s 10″ in diameter, and hardened steel chains attached to the steel plate with S-hooks.

This steel target is designed for use with centerfire rifle cartridges up to .300 Win Mag at 100+ yards. Get one for a rifle hunter on your gift list and I can guarantee they’ll get years of use out of it! Like trail cameras, steel targets like this one are wonderful gifts for hunters who have everything because you really can’t have too many!

Buy A Steel Target Here

42. Gerber Randy Newberg DTS Folding Knife

best gifts for hunters Gerber Randy Newberg DTS Folding Knife

Every hunter needs a good hunting knife. The unfortunate truth is that most of the really popular hunting knives are not actually designed by hunters. However, the new Gerber Randy Newberg DTS is a notable exception. Randy Newberg has been in the game A LONG time and he really knows a thing or two about the features a good hunting knife really needs to have, regardless of whether it will be used for skinning and butchering whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorn, elk, moose, or bear.

Well, Randy teamed up with the folks at Gerber to design this new knife and they absolutely hit it out of the park. This knife features a primary blade made out of rust resistant 440C steel that’s perfect for meat processing. However, one of the most awesome features about this knife is that it ALSO has a secondary D2 steel blade with a serrated edge that’s designed for cutting through tough tendons and joints without dulling the primary blade.

It’s also compact, light, and easy to carry. With a blaze orange color and a reflective grip, this knife is also designed to be easy to find, even at night with a flashlight. So, you won’t have to worry about the hunter on your gift list losing this knife after setting it down in the leaves while butchering an animal at night.

So, the Gerber Randy Newberg DTS folding knife is the perfect gift for that hunter on your gift list. The fact that this is a pretty new knife (released in 2020) also means that this is a great gift for the hunter who already has everything. In addition to Sportsman’s Warehouse, the knife is also available at Cabela’s (or Bass Pro) and Amazon.

Buy Randy Newberg DTS Knife Here

43. Wild Game Blend

picture of best gifts for hunters spice blend

The folks at Harvesting Nature produce a series of small batch spice blends that are designed specifically for use when cooking wild game, fish, or fowl to enhance the unique tastes present in those creatures. They offer 3 different blends: a big game blend (Deer, Elk, Bear, Antelope, Goat, Beef, Bison, etc.), an upland fowl blend (for use on Turkey, Dove, Quail, Pheasant, Grouse, Chukar, etc.), and a wild fish blend (for use with Catfish, Snapper, Grouper, Bass, Trout, Salmon, Halibut, Shrimp, etc.).

These blends are designed by hunters and anglers for hunters and anglers. Buy a bottle or two of the appropriate blend for that hunter on your gift list and then make sure they invite you over for dinner afterwards to share in the fruits of the hunt! This is the perfect gift for hunters who already have everything, but who also love to cook!

Buy Wild Game Spice Blend Here

44. Canada Hunting Trip

picture of best gifts for hunters canada deer moose

If you want an awesome hunting gift, you don’t necessarily have to fly across the ocean to an exotic destination. Canada is slightly larger than the United States, but has about 10% of the population. This helps explain why Canada still has such a gigantic amount of undeveloped land that’s home to fantastic hunting for a wide variety of big game ranging from whitetail deer to bighorn sheep.

If you have a hunter on your gift list who has always dreams of taking a really big black bear, then an Alberta black bear hunt is the perfect gift for that person. Alberta is known for having high success rates on very big bears.

Additionally, Alberta also has some of the best whitetail deer hunting anywhere in the world. That’s where I’d go if I wanted to shoot a real bruiser of a buck. At the same time, that same area also has some outstanding Moose hunting too, but the prices on those moose hunts are way less than what you’d pay for a trip to Alaska or the Yukon Territory. Those hunts aren’t for the faint of heart though, but a hunt up in Alberta is an excellent hunting gift for those with a burning desire to match wits against their quarry on a serious big game hunt.

With all that in mind, it should be easy to understand why these hunts are awesome gifts for hunters who have everything, but want to enjoy a serious hunting adventure.

Book A Canada Hunting Trip Here

45. Africa Hunting Safari

best gifts for hunters africa

Many people assume that an Africa hunting safari is exorbitantly expensive and only the fabulously wealthy can afford them. However, that’s not true. Indeed, even when you factor in the cost of air fare, a week long Africa hunting safari for several popular species of plains game costs less than most elk hunts in North America. For that reason, an African safari remains one of the best bargains remaining in the hunting world and it’s a safe bet the hunter on your gift list will have the hunt of a lifetime.

South Africa is Africa’s premier hunting destination: it’s the easiest country in the continent to travel to, there is a wide variety of game to hunt ranging from plains game to Cape Buffalo, and it’s the least expensive country in Africa to hunt when all things (air fare, taxidermy, etc.) are taken into account. That’s why a South Africa hunting safari is the perfect gift for hunters who dream of an adventure of a lifetime and is also why these hunts are wonderful gifts for hunters who have everything.

Book An Africa Hunting Safari Here

46. New Zealand Hunting Adventure

best gifts for hunters new zealand

New Zealand is another incredible exotic hunting destination right up there with Africa, but with a slightly different flavor. New Zealand doesn’t have any native big game animals, but hunters have introduced a number of species over the years like Red Stag, Himalayan Tahr, Fallow Deer, Alpine Chamois, and even Rocky Mountain Elk that have absolutely thrived in their new Kiwi home.

New Zealand is perhaps best known for having some of the best Red Stag hunting in the world. Additionally, the steep slopes of the Southern Alps also have some incredible hunting for Tahr and Chamois, which are truly underrated hunting trophies for mountain hunters. New Zealand is also a premier tourist destination and there are plenty of other things to do there besides go hunting. Add it all up, and there is something for just about everyone, which is why a trip to New Zealand is an excellent hunting gift.

Book A New Zealand Hunting Adventure Here

47. Leupold BX-5 Santiam Binoculars

best gifts for hunters leupold bx-5

Hunters who spend their days afield in wide open country, like those hunting mule deer and pronghorn out west, need top end optics to help spot and judge game thousands of yards away. Well, Leupold’s BX-5 Santiam HD binoculars are about as good as it gets on that front. They use the best glass currently available on the market and their optical clarity is absolutely stunning.

Mount these binoculars on a tripod and spend a little time glassing with them and you’ll find yourself spotting all sorts of game that you would have no idea was there otherwise. Not only are they incredibly binoculars, but they’re also a relatively new product, which makes Leupold BX-5 Santiam Binoculars the perfect gift for hunters who have everything.

Buy Leupold Santiam BX-5 HD Binoculars Here

48. Leupold VX-5HD Rifle Scope

best gifts for hunters leupold vx-5hd

Leupold’s VX-5HD is one of their higher end rifle scopes and combines excellent glass and a custom dial system (CDS) that facilitates taking ethical shots at longer ranges. The VX-5HD incorporates high quality glass specifically designed to maximize light transmission, particularly for red and blue colors. For this reason, the VX-5 has superior low light performance, great contrast, and clear, crisp images that will give hunters that extra edge when trying to pick out your quarry, especially right at the beginning and end of legal shooting hours each day.

The VX-5HD also comes with one set of free CDS dials that Leupold will manufacture to the exact specifications of your hunting load. In short, these dials take all the guesswork out of determining the proper amount of holdover when taking a shot out past the range you zeroed at. Just set the dial to the range of your target, hold the crosshairs exactly where you want to hit, and squeeze the trigger.

While it does cost more than the VX Freedom and VX-3HD, the VX-5HD is a much higher quality rifle scope. Indeed, this is one of the most capable rifle scopes designed specifically for hunters in mind. Not all hunters need all of the features offered on the Leupold VX-5HD, but this is the perfect gift for hunters who want the best possible scope for hunts where top end glass is a big advantage.

I’ve used this scope on successful hunts for multiple species of game all over the world and it has never let me down. It’s a big step up in quality compared to other scopes and this is an outstanding rifle scope for serious hunters on serious hunts. With all that in mind, this scope is absolutely one of the best gifts for hunters who already have everything.

Buy A Leupold VX-5 Rifle Scope Here

49. & 50. Black Ovis and Caribou Gear Game Bags

best gifts for hunters game bags

When a hunter takes a really big animal (like an elk or moose) or harvests an animal a long way from a road, there is only one way to get it out: on his or her back in pieces. High quality game bags are essential in situations like these because they help keep dirt and bugs off the meat while at the same time allowing air to circulate so the venison doesn’t spoil.

There are a lot of game bags out there, but the ones made by Black Ovis and Caribou Gear stand head and shoulders above most of the competition. They’re both made out of nylon, so they’re washable, reusable, and durable. They’re also designed specifically for use in rough conditions and are the choice of serious hunters all over North America. That’s why they made the grade and are listed as one of the best Christmas gifts for hunters.

In addition to purchasing them directly from Black Ovis, you can also buy these game bags on Amazon.

Buy Your Black Ovis Game Bags Here

Buy Your Caribou Game Bags Here

51. Vacuum Sealer

picture of best gifts for hunters vacuum sealer

A great deal of the fun and satisfaction that derives from a successful hunt comes from enjoying the fruits of that harvest for many months afterwards. While there are a number of different ways to preserve wild game, freezing vacuum sealed meat is one of the most effective ways of preserving that meat for a long period of time.

That’s why a good vacuum sealer is a great addition to this section of gifts for hunters who have everything. Not only does it do a great job of preserving the meat for later, but it also uses sturdy bags that will hold up for a long period of time without breaking in the freezer. All in all, this is one of the best vacuum sealers money can buy and is ideal for hunters who need to store large quantities of meat for a long time.

Buy A Vacuum Sealer Here

Best Gifts For Hunters Under $50

52. Game Hoist With Gambrel

best gifts for hunters gambrel

A game hoist and gambrel aren’t required for butchering deer, but they sure do make the job easier. This particular hoist comes with 40 feet of rope, a pulley system, and a steel gambrel. Rated for 600 pounds (they also make a 1,500 pound version), and with a 4:1 lift ratio, a single hunter should have no issues lifting a deer or antelope (perhaps even an elk) off the ground for skinning and butchering with this hoist/gambrel combo.

Not only does this make the process easier, but it also results in better quality meat with less chance of contamination afterwards. For that reason, this game hoist and gambrel made by Hunter’s Specialties is a really nice hunting gift you can get for less than $50.

Buy Your Game Hoist Here

53. Hunting-opoly Board Game

picture of best gifts for hunters huntingopoly

This is basically the hunting themed version of the classic board game Monopoly. With player like a crossbow, shotgun shell, backpack, boot, shed, and binoculars, everything has a hunting slant to it. With that in mind, this board game is definitely one of best gifts for hunters under $50, especially for those who like board games in general or for family members who enjoy hunting and want to spend some quality time together.

Buy Hunting-opoly Here

54. LifeStraw Water Filter

best gifts for hunters life straw

Since we’re talking about being prepared to survive an emergency: yes, it’s great to have a way to make fire and shelter as well as a compass, don’t forget about water. After all, water is the source of all life.

Fortunately, LifeStraw makes a really awesome water filter for just those sorts of situations. It’s inexpensive, compact, and lightweight, so carrying it isn’t an issue at all. At the same time, it’s also really easy to use: just stick the end in water and suck out of the straw on the other end. It has a filter that will remove 99.99% of all bacteria and protozoa in water without using electricity, iodine, or any other chemicals.  Basically, anyone who has this should be able to safely drink from any water source they encounter in the woods.

This is a great gift idea for hunters, anglers, or hikers who spend lots of time in remote areas.

Buy Your LifeStraw Here

55. Paracord Survival Bracelet

best gifts for hunters bracelet

It pays to be prepared when you’re doing any sort of outdoor recreation and this survival bracelet packs a bunch of essential tools into a small package you can easily wear on your wrist. In addition to containing several feet of paracord (also known as 550 cord), this bracelet contains a compass, whistle, and a steel and magnesium fire starter.

Basically, this survival bracelet is the only piece of gear an experienced outdoorsman or woman needs to survive in the wilderness. Plus, the fact that it packs all that gear into an easy to wear bracelet makes it even more likely you’ll have it with you in the unlikely event you need it one day. For those reasons, it’s another wonderful hunting gift under $50.

Buy Your Paracord Survival Bracelet Here

56 and 57. The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game Volume 1: Big Game and Volume 2: Small Game and Fowl

best gifts for hunters guide

These two books are the perfect gifts for hunters of all experience levels. They’re also inexpensive gifts for hunters who have everything. I’ve been hunting for years and I’ve read a lot of hunting books, but I can say without hesitation that these are the best written and most comprehensive books I’ve ever read on the subject. Covering everything from detailed information on every species of North American game (small game, big game, and birds), gear recommendations, hunting tactics, how to butcher game, and some tasty and easy to prepare wild game resicpes, these are incredibly useful books for both brand new hunters as well as those with decades of experience afield.

Volume 1 focuses on big game and Volume 2 provides the same type of information for small game and fowl. Considering the wealth of information they contain, these books are also very reasonably priced. Take it from me: this is some money well spent regardless of how much that hunter on your gift list knows about hunting. In fact, if you only had enough money to buy one thing on this list of the best gifts for hunters, I highly recommend buying Volume 1 of the Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game before anything else.

Buy Volume 1: Big Game Here

Buy Volume 2: Small Game and Fowl Here

58 and 59. Buck, Buck, Moose and Duck, Duck, Goose

best gifts for hunters hank shaw

Hank Shaw is one of the world’s most famous wild game food writers and is a leader in the “wild foods” renaissance sweeping North America. Shaw’s books are among the best sources of information on wild game recipes you can find anywhere. So, while there are a lot of wild game cookbooks out there, his books are highly regarded as some of the best sources of information on wild game recipes.

As you can probably tell by their names, Buck, Buck, Moose focuses on big game, Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail focuses on small game and uplands birds, and Duck, Duck, Goose is about cooking waterfowl. All three of them make great gifts for hunters who enjoy eating what they harvest.

Buy Buck, Buck, Moose Here

Buy Duck, Duck, Goose Here

60. Quake Claw Rifle Sling

picture of gifts for hunters quake sling

Every hunter that uses a rifle or shotgun needs a quality rifle sling to go with it.

This is one of those things that a lot of hunters try to do without or just purchase a really cheap, low quality option. However, the good news it that you don’t need to spend a bunch of money to get a nice sling.

The Quake Rifle Sling will work on any firearm with modern, quick detach sling studs. It’s also really easy to install and remove.

The sling is wide enough to spread the weight of the firearm across the user’s shoulder, but not so wide that it gets in the way. It’s also has a non-slip polymer pad that keeps it from slipping off your shoulder.

This is the sling I use and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Buy Your Quake Rifle Sling Here

61. The Cascade Killer

best gifts for hunters surplus ammo can

The Cascade Killer is a gripping and entertaining novel that takes place in the Cascade Mountains of central Washington. Written from the perspective of a veteran Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife game warden, this book is a criminal thriller and a murder mystery, but with a unique outdoor twist.

The story begins when two spring bear hunters find human remains inside the stomach of a bear they harvested. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that a serial killer is murdering women in the area and disposing of their bodies in the mountains.

The Cascade Killer is a definite winner for any hunter who needs an enjoyable book to read in deer camp or just sitting beside the fireplace at home. The author is clearly an experienced outdoorsman himself and the story feels both authentic and realistic.

Buy A Copy Of The Cascade Killer Here

62. Ruger iHunt Ultimate Game Call

best gifts for hunters ruger ihunt

Speaking of quality calls, Ruger sells a great value electronic predator call for a smart phone. There’s two ways you can use it: download an app (available on both Android or iPhone) and use the phone itself as the call, or purchase an external speaker and use the phone as a remote connected via bluetooth.

Though it’s nowhere near as good as a $500 Fox Pro call, the whole Ruger iHunt package comes in under $50 and still works really darn well. So, if you’re in search of a reasonably priced predator call as a hunting gift under $50, then the Ruger iHunt Ultimate Game Call is an excellent choice.

Buy Your Ruger iHunt Game Call Here

63. Yeti Rambler

best gifts for hunters yeti rambler

A hot cup of coffee is really important to many hunters who need to get up early on in the morning, especially during cold weather. Well, it’s tough to beat a Yeti Rambler when it comes to keeping a hot drink hot. All things considered, most hunters will use their coffee mug a lot more than they will virtually any other piece of equipment, which is why this is such a great gift for a hunter, particularly one that already has a lot of the latest and greatest hunting gear.

The Yeti Rambler is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and made out of stainless steel. So, it’s easy to clean and can really take a beating over many years of hard use, which makes it one of the best gifts for hunters under $50.

Buy Your Yeti Rambler Here

64. Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs

best gifts for hunters howard leight

Give the gift of hearing protection to the hunters on your gift list and help ensure they don’t need to wear hearing aids later in life. Fortunately, these electronic earmuffs not only protect the wearer from loud noises that could damage his or her hearing, but they also amplify quiet noises.

This means it’s still possible to carry on a normal conversation or even hear really quiet noises (like a twig breaking) while wearing ear protection. For those reasons, these earmuffs are the perfect gift for hunters. I’ve used the Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic earmuffs for years and can testify that they’re the real deal.

Buy Your Howard Leight Electronic Earmuffs Here

65. Hunting Guns 101 Online Course

best gifts for hunters hunting guns 101 online course

Far too many hunters obsess about choosing the best caliber to hunt with, but then go afield with rifles, scopes, and/or ammunition that are wildly inappropriate for the hunting they’re doing.

Make no mistake: a miss or a wounded and lost animal are the most likely results when hunters use the wrong rifle, cartridge, sighting system, or ammo on a hunt.

Nobody wants those things to happen, so set the hunter on your gift list up for success by purchasing the Hunting Guns 101 online course for them. This thorough and comprehensive, but easy to understand and digest course teaches hunters how to determine what sort of performance they need on an upcoming hunt and how to select the appropriate firearm set-up that actually delivers that performance.

This course is the perfect hunting gift because it will help that special hunter on your list make the most out of the time, energy, and money they invest in hunting by increasing their odds of success afield.

Buy The Hunting Guns 101 Course Here

66. Muzzleloaders 101 Online Course

best gifts for hunters muzzleloaders 101 online course

One of the many interesting developments we saw in 2020 is that LOTS of people have taken up hunting. While that’s a good thing in many ways, there are also simply more people in the woods now. Luckily, there’s an almost surefire escape crowds out in the woods: hunting with a muzzleloader. Many states have special muzzleloader seasons and hunting with a muzzleloader can also open up new areas to hunt.

So, if you have a hunter on your list who is always complaining about how crowded the woods are during hunting season, get that person a membership in the Muzzleloaders 101 online course. This course will teach them how to decipher muzzleloader hunting regulations, give them specific muzzleloader equipment recommendations, and teach them exactly how to safely and effectively hunt with a muzzleloader. Plus, everyone who purchases the Muzzleloaders 101 online course will receive EXCLUSIVE discounts on muzzleloader gear from the biggest muzzleloader retailer in the USA.

Buy The Muzzleloaders 101 Course Here

Best Funny Gifts For Hunters

67. Donald Trump Novelty Mug

picture of best gifts for hunters trump

Regardless of what you think about him, Donald Trump absolutely has a way with words! The saying on the mug is “YOU ARE THE BEST HUNTER. NOBODY IS BETTER AT HUNTING THAN YOU. ALL OTHER HUNTERS ARE A TOTAL DISASTER. ASK ANYONE, THEY ALL KNOW, EVERYONE AGREES, BELIEVE ME.”

It’s tough to argue that this is definitely a really funny hunting gift, especially for someone who is a fan of the 45th President.

Buy A Donald Trump Novelty Mug Here

68. If You Didn’t Bring Jerky, What Did I Just Eat: Misadventures in Hunting, Fishing, and the Wilds of Suburbia

best gifts for hunters If You Didn't Bring Jerky, What Did I Just Eat- Misadventures in Hunting, Fishing, and the Wilds of Suburbia

Hunting is supposed to be fun and you can’t take yourself too seriously. Pulled from numerous stories that he wrote for Field & Stream over the years, Bill Heavey does a great job showing the lighter side of hunting by telling stories of his numerous misadventures in the woods over the years.

His tales should be familiar to just about any hunter and should serve as a reminder that no matter how good of a hunter you may be, everybody has done some things out in the woods that they don’t necessarily brag about to their friends. If You Didn’t Bring Jerkey is a surefire winner of a funny gift for a hunter with a good sense of humor.

Buy If You Didn’t Bring Jerkey Here

69. Should The Tent Be Burning Like That? A Professional Amateur’s Guide To The Outdoors

picture of best gifts for hunters should the tent be burning

Should The Tent Be Burning Like That is Bill Heavey’s follow-on to If You Didn’t Bring Jerkey chronicling some other hilarious mishaps from a life of hunting and fishing. Like the original, this book is also really darn funny and is another excellent addition to this section on the best funny gifts for hunters.

Buy Should The Tent Be Burning Like That Here

70. Crap Taxidermy

picture of best gifts for hunters crap taxidermy

Here’s another good unique gift for a hunter who has a good sense of humor. Good quality taxidermy is truly a work of art and can be an amazing spectacle to behold. Unfortunately, there are a lot more bad taxidermists than there are good ones and bad taxidermy looks REALLY bad.

Just like the name says, Crap Taxidermy is a collection of some of the worst taxidermy examples out there. In fact, the taxidermy in this book is so spectacularly bad that you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. Some of the stuff in this book is so bad that it’s really funny. That’s why this is such an awesome funny hunting gift, particularly if you give it to them as hunting gag gift!

Buy Crap Taxidermy Here

71. Butt Out

best gifts for hunters butt out

Yeah, it’s got a funny name but believe it or not, the Butt Out tool is actually a pretty useful piece of hunting equipment. Just like you’d expect from the name, it’s designed to help cleanly remove the anal alimentary canal from a deer during field dressing.

This can be a slow and messy procedure if you’re not careful, but this tool makes it a very simple process.

So, while this can be a nice hunting gag gift (and the recipient of this gift might laugh when you give it to them), it’s also a great option to help simplify field dressing and reduce the chances of meat contamination one you get a deer on the ground.

Buy Your Butt Out Here

72. How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety

best gifts for hunters nikon prostaff

Do you have a hunter on your gift list who is a gun owner that also loves cats? If so, then they really must read How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety.

Here’s another unique gift for a hunter who has a good sense of humor. Written in a simple Q&A format, this book answers crucial questions such as, “What is the right age to talk to my cat about the proper use of firearms?” So, any cat owner with a good sense of humor will really appreciate this book.

At the same time, there are also lots of photos of cute cats in it, so How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety is an almost sure fire winner as a funny hunting gift.

Buy Talking To Your Cat About Gun Safety Here

73. This Is My Deer Hunting Shirt

picture of best gifts for hunters deer hunting shirt

This is a blaze orange shirt with “This Is My Deer Hunting Shirt” printed on it. Seems pretty simple and straightforward, right? However, sometimes the most simple gifts are the ones that are the most appreciated, especially if the person receiving this gift really likes dad jokes, has a very dry sense or humor, or has REALLY great taste when it comes to clothes.

This can certainly be a nice hunting gag gift for a birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day. However, there’s also no reason why somebody couldn’t actually wear this shirt deer hunting either.

Buy A Funny Deer Hunting Shirt Here

74. I Like Big Bucks And I Cannot Lie Shirt

picture of best gifts for hunters i like big bucks

What hunter doesn’t like big bucks? Once again, we have another funny hunting gift for those who have a good sense of humor and want to tell the world how they feel about big bucks! This is the perfect gift for the hunting guy or girl in your life for Christmas, birthdays, or other occasions.

75. Gone Hunting Sign

picture of best gifts for hunters gone hunting

Here’s another funny hunting gift to hang in hunting camp, the garage, a man cave, garage, etc. The Sign reads: “Gone Hunting Be Back Soon Then I’m Going Fishing.”

Buy A Gone Hunting Sign Here

76. Deer Baiting Is Illegal Sign

picture of best gifts for hunters deer baiting

This is probably my personal favorite item in the funny gifts for hunters section of this article! This metal sign reads: WARNING BAITING DEER IS ILLEGAL THIS CORN PILE IS FOR SQUIRRELS, CHIPMUNKS AND OTHER SUCH ANIMALS ANY DEER FOUND EATING THIS CORN WILL BE SHOT. Hang it with pride in the garage, man cave, hunting camp, etc.

Buy A Deer Baiting Is Illegal Sign Here

77. The Perfect Shot For Dinosaurs

best gifts for hunters dinosaurs

Phil Massaro’s book is the perfect gift for hunters with dinosaurs on their mind. Written as a parody of Kevin Robertson’s “Perfect Shot” series of books (also available on this gift list), The Perfect Shot For Dinosaurs is a funny hunting gift designed to help you prepare to hunt twenty species of dinosaurs from the pre-historic age.

Though the book features a “ghost view” of the vitals on each species to help you visualize correct shot placement, the book is also chock full of information on the habits of the dinosaurs in question, recommended hunting methods, and information to help you choose the correct rifle and bullets for each scenario. So, if you’ve ever wondered what cartridge you should be using to hunt T-Rex or where you should place your shots on that massive creature, then this is the perfect book for you!

Buy The Perfect Shot For Dinosaurs Here

Best Gifts For Duck Hunters

78. If It Flies, It Dies Duck Hunting Shirt

picture of best gifts for hunters duck hunting shirt

The name says it all and this t-shirt is a great gift for serious waterfowl hunters. I have a hard time thinking of a better gift for a duck hunter than this t-shirt regardless of whether you’re talking about a birthday gift, Christmas, or Father’s Day. Don’t be surprised if the hunter you get this shirt for really likes it and wants to wear it all the time though.

Duck hunters are known for being very passionate about the sport. So, if you have a dedicated waterfowl hunter on your gift list, they’re practically guaranteed to love this shirt.

Buy A Funny Duck Hunting Shirt Here

79. Stansport 12 Gauge Shotshell Thermo Bottle

picture of best gifts for hunters shotgun thermos

Here’s another great gift for a duck hunter that’s also pretty darn unique. Not only will it help keep their coffee hot during those cold mornings in the duck blind, but how many other duck hunters have a thermos shaped like a shotgun shell? Talk about a great conversation starter!

Buy A 12 Gauge Termo Bottle Here

80. Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call

best gifts for hunters duck call

Quality calls are excellent gifts for duck hunters and this is one of the best ones around. The guys on Duck Dynasty sure know their stuff when it comes to calling ducks and the Duck Commander series of calls is well known for producing realistic sounds that ducks can’t resist.

The Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call mimics the sounds of mallard hen, which is sure to lure the guys in. Capable of producing both loud, piercing sounds for when you need to lure in a duck across the open water as well as soft and raspy sounds to bring the flock in the rest of the way, this is a useful hunting gift for duck hunters that they’re sure to greatly appreciate.

Buy Your Duck Commander Duck Call Here

81. Mossberg Model 940 Shotgun

picture of best gifts for hunters mossberg 940

Though the Remington 870 may be the most popular shotgun in the United States, the semi-automatic Mossberg Model 940 is a brand new shotgun that’s ideal for serious waterfowl hunters. Made famous by the television show Duck Dynasty, the older model 930 quickly became a very chic shotgun for duck hunters. Well, the 940 is new model that improves on the already solid Mossberg 930 that’s a perfect gift for duck hunters.

It’s not limited to waterfowl hunting either and it’s a great all around hunting shotgun for an upland game or turkey hunter, particularly for those who want a semi-automatic shotgun.

Buy A Mossberg 940 Shotgun Here

82. SEALSKINZ Waterproof Cold Weather Socks

picture of best gifts for hunters waterproof socks

No list of the best gifts for duck hunters would be complete without a set of good socks. Specifically, these SEALSKINZ waterproof cold weather socks could be just what the doctor ordered for that duck hunter on your gift list. These socks will help them keep their feet warm and dry for those cold mornings out in the duck blind!

Buy Some SEALSKINZ Waterproof Socks Here

Best Personalized Hunting Gifts

83. Director’s Cut by Chris Dorsey

picture of best gifts for hunters directors cut

Chris Dorsey is a long-time hunting TV show host and producer whose career has taken him all over the world. This means he has gotten the opportunity to participate in some hunts that most other people can only dream of and to document those adventures in a manner that very few other people can. Well, his book Director’s Cut chronicles hunts for 21 different species on five continents. This book features stunning images captured by internationally acclaimed photographers from hunts for animals like cape buffalo, water buffalo, leopard, mountain nyala, bongo, European driven boar, ibex, moose, elk, brown bear, sheep, mule deer, whitetail, and red stag to create a top notch portrait of international big game hunting.

Buy Your Copy Of Director’s Cut Here

84 and 85. Bullet Bottle Opener

best gifts for hunters bottle opener

Sure it’s a novelty hunting gift idea, but it’s still pretty darn cool, not to mention useful. Made from an actual .50 caliber cartridge originally fired by the US Military, this is a really noteworthy bottle opener and conversation starter.

Let’s be honest here: few things say “America!” like a .50 caliber bullet bottle opener!

Manufactured by Lucky Shot, they also produce a smaller .308 bottle opener on a key ring. You can also purchase a bottle opener with text engraved on the side.

You can also personalize these bottle openers with custom engraving. So, not only are they cool, but they’re also great personalized hunting gifts!

Here’s an added bonus: use the promo code “BIGGAMEHUNTER” when you check out to receive a 15% discount any order you place through Lucky Shot on their web site (to include, but not limited to this bottle opener).

Buy Your .50 Cal Bottle Opener Here

Buy Your .308 Bottle Opener Here

86. .308 Whiskey Glass

best gifts for hunters glass

In addition to their bottle openers, Lucky Shot also makes a line of shot, whiskey, and pint glasses that have bullets embedded in them. Handing someone a drink that looks like it literally stopped a bullet is a sure fire way to get a reaction because it’s such a unique idea.

So, if you’re looking for a unique present for someone who enjoys guns and shooting, then this is the perfect gift for them.

You can also personalize these whiskey glassed with custom engraving. So, not only are they cool, but they’re also another great personalized hunting gift option!

Just like with the bottle opener, you can buy your drinking glass with a bullet embedded in it directly from Lucky Shot on their web site as well as on Amazon. Finally, use promo code “BIGGAMEHUNTER” when you order through the Lucky Shot web site to receive a 15% discount.

Buy Your .308 Whiskey Glass Here

87. Subscription To Bear Hunting Magazine

picture of best gifts for hunters bear hunting magazine

Do you want a personalized gift for a bear hunter? Bear Hunting Magazine is the only hunting magazine in existence that’s completely focused on bear hunting, so it’s THE place to go if you want to learn more about hunting those creatures. This magazine is owned and operated by Clay Newcomb and trust me when I say that he really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to hunting bears.

The magazine is full of stories of successful bear hunts all over the world, information on where the best places are to hunt, what tactics work best, and what sort of gear makes the cut for bear hunting. With all that in mind, a subscription to Bear Hunting Magazine is the perfect hunting gift if you know that special someone is just itching to go on a bear hunt.

Subscribe To Bear Hunting Magazine Here

88. Go Hunt Membership

best gifts for hunters gohunt

Self-guided, “do it yourself” hunts in on public land in the United States can be really fulfilling, but tend to have a steep learning curve. Navigating the web of random draws, preference points, and bonus points to draw a tag can be extremely frustrating. So what do you do?

I discovered goHUNT several years ago and it changed my life. They provide extremely comprehensive information on where to go to hunt iconic animals like mule deer, pronghorn, elk, moose, sheep, and mountain goats as well as how to draw the necessary tag. With their help, I’ve found and drawn “hidden gem” tags in several different states that there’s no way I would have known about otherwise.

This is a perfect gift for hunters who enjoy self-guided hunts on public land. Use the promo code “BIGGAMEHUNTER” when signing up new membership to get $50 in store credit at the goHUNT gear shop. So, not only will the hunter on your gift list receive the most up to date western drawing odds, but they’ll also get a discount on some good quality hunting gear to go along with it.

Buy A GoHunt Membership Here

89. On X Maps Membership

best gifts for hunters onxmaps

Finding a spot to hunt can really tough. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a product you could buy that aggregated all of the public land in a state into a single GPS overlay?

Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what OnXMaps has done. They provide incredibly detailed and accurate maps displaying property boundaries of federal, state, county, and private lands. You can purchase a chip for your GPS or download their app to use on your phone. I used their GPS chips for a long time, but now use the service almost exclusively on my phone and computer.

This is another essential resource that I’ve used in conjunction with goHUNT to have a few great hunts on public land over the past couple of years. I can access all their map data from my computer and “E-Scout” before the season opens. Then, all of my map markups transfer automatically to the app on my phone. Finally, if you’re hunting in an area without cell service, you can download the appropriate map and still have access to it when you’re off the grid.

Without question, onXmaps subscriptions make for great personalize gifts for hunters, especially DIY hunters.

Buy An onx Hunt Membership Here

Best Gifts For Hunters Under $500

90. Midland Two Way Radios

best gifts for hunters two way radio

A set of two way radios are really useful when hunting in a group and the GXT1000 radios made by Midland should work nicely for what most hunters need them to do. These radios come with 50 channels, can tune into NOAA radio frequencies to receive severe weather updates, are available in Mossy Oak pattern camouflage, and are lightweight and portable. These radios also have a whisper to talk feature as well as a vibration alert and can accommodate an ear piece, all of which are great features for hunters.

The Midland radios also have a relatively long range that compares favorably to Motorola radios of a similar price. Keep in mind that these are relatively inexpensive radios and the surrounding terrain can limit their performance (realistically expect 1 mile or so of range). That being said, they will likely work relatively well for most hunting situations to allow hunting buddies to stay in touch with each other afield.

Buy Your Two Way Radios Here

91. SteriPen Water Purifier

best gifts for hunters steripen

The SteriPen water purifier is another really good choice for getting safe water to drink out in the backcountry. It’s pretty simple to use: just fill up a bottle with water, then dip the light into the bottle and start stirring. The SteriPen uses a battery powered UV light to remove 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and protozoa in water within 90 seconds without boiling, using a filter, or any chemicals like iodine. It’s also compact, lightweight, and easy to carry.

There’s a reason why this is such a popular tool for backcountry hunters, hikers, and other people who spend a lot of time in areas without ready access to clean water. This is a wonderful hunting gift to use in conjunction with some of the other recommendations on this list like the HydroFlask water bottle.

Buy Your SteriPen Water Purifier Here

92. Vortex Ranger 1300 Laser Rangefinder

picture of best gifts for hunters rangefinder

There are a lot of different rangefinders out there to choose from. However, Vortex really made a winner with the Ranger 1300: it has a really long (1,300 yard) range, angle compensating technology, a really fast measurement return time, and a bunch of other advanced features packed into a small, reasonably priced package. It also has a higher than average 6x magnification (most other rangefinders have a 4x magnification) to aid in target acquisition.

In short, no other laser rangefinder I’ve ever tested at a comparable price point can come anywhere close to the performance of the Vortex Ranger 1300 Laser Rangefinder.

Buy A Vortex Laser Rangefinder Here

93. Gatorz Eye Protection

picture of best gifts for hunters gatorz

Gatorz builds rugged eyewear with aluminum frames specifically for mission-driven people who need the absolute best: military, first responders, skydivers, etc. And yes, this includes a lot of hardcore hunters and anglers as well. Unlike many other sunglasses, Gatorz glasses have an adjustable fit and their aluminum construction and facial- wrap design provide superior protection against wind, dust, and debris. Plus, their glasses are available with either polarized lenses (for anglers) or with ballistic protection (ANSI Z87+/MILSPEC rated) for hunters and shooters.

Not only are their sunglasses super rugged and durable, but they also look really darn cool and are assembled in the United States. If that weren’t enough, you’ll receive a 15% discount by purchasing through the link below. If that’s not an awesome gift for a hunter or fisher on your list, I don’t know what is!

Buy GATORZ Eye Protection Here

94. Leupold VX-3HD Rifle Scope

best gifts for hunters leupold vx-3hd

The VX-3D is the mid-level rifle scope in Leupold’s latest generation of optics. Nothing against the Leupold VX Freedom line of scopes (which are also nice), but the VX-3HD is a big step up in performance from the VX Freedom, particularly in terms of the glass quality and low light capabilities of the scopes. The VX-3HD is the upgraded version of the old VX-3i that incorporates a lot of features shared with the higher end Leupold VX-5 or VX-6 scopes, but with a lower price point.

For those reasons, the VX-3HD fills that “sweet spot” which makes it an ideal fit for the majority of rifle hunters who don’t necessarily need a specialized long range rifle scope, but would still like something a cut above the run of the mill scope.

I’ve used a 3.5-10x40mm VX-3HD rifle scope for several years now and it’s served me very well. It’s also available with Leupold’s custom dial system (CDS) and with an illuminated reticle. The Leupold VX-3HD scope is an excellent gift for hunters in who need a reasonably priced, yet still durable and high quality rifle scope for taking shots out to 400-500 yards or so.

Buy A Leupold VX-3HD Rifle Scope Here

95. Peak Refuel Meals

best gifts for hunters peak refuel meals

Proper nutrition is essential for peak performance, especially when a person is operating under the demanding conditions common in many hunting situations. Well, Peak Refuel freeze dried meals are the perfect solution to this problem: they’re packed with the nutrients, fast to prepare (just add hot water), and delicious.

I started using Peak Refuel meals on my hunts last year and my only regret is that I didn’t make the switch sooner. Freeze dried meals have come a long way in recent years and I’ve been eating really well on my hunts since I discovered Peak Refuel. They work just as well on week long hunts hunts deep in the backcountry as they do for short day hunts. With all that in mind, it’s really tough to go wrong with getting a few of these meals for your favorite hunter.

You can purchase a pack of 6 meals in a variety pack, or mix and match individual meals. Note that 1 pouch basically works out to 1 meal for 1 person. For what it’s worth, the variety meal kit pictured includes a few of my favorites with the Breakfast Skillet, Chicken Alfredo, Strawberry Granola, and Beef Pasta Marinara. In addition to Black Ovis, these meals are also available on Amazon.

Buy Peak Refuel Meals Here

96. Bear Archery Compound Bow

best gifts for hunters bear bow

Originally founded by the legendary hunter Fred Bear many years ago, Bear Archery is still producing archery equipment for hunters to this day.

This particular Bear Archery Compound Bow is well suited for hunters of all ages and experience levels, from smaller children up to fully grown adults and for a novice as well as an avid bow hunter. This isn’t the most advanced or fastest bow on the market. However, it’s reasonably priced and it’s also designed as an introductory bow. This make it an ideal hunting gift step for those just getting started bow hunting to help them build a good foundation of archery fundamentals before moving onto more advanced bows later on.

Buy A Bear Archery Compound Bow Here

97. Chef Steps Joule Sous Vide

best gifts for hunters joule sous vide

Sous Vide cooking has been a fixture of high-end restaurants for years, but it’s only recently made it into mainstream use. Basically, a Sous Vide uses a hot water bath to cook meat over a long period of time. This ensures that the meat is evenly cooked while still retaining its moisture and flavor.

The Chef Steps Joule Sous Vide uses your Apple or Android smart phone to control the water temperature and cook food to your exact specifications. It’s very compact and easy to use: just season and bag the meal, put the bag in a pot full of water with the Joule Sous Vide, and let it cook for the necessary amount of time. This is a great hunting gift for those who particularly enjoy preparing the fruits of the hunt as well as those who like to cook for large groups of people.

Buy A Chef Steps Joule Sous Vide Here

98. Lone Wolf Wide Sit And Climb Tree Stand

best gifts for hunters tree stand

A good tree stand is an essential piece of hunting gear for many whitetail deer hunters all over the United States. Climbing tree stands are very flexible, simple to move around, and easy set up in new locations, but many climbing models are also notoriously uncomfortable.

However, the Lone Wolf Wide Sit And Climb Tree Stand has a well deserved reputation for being one of the most comfortable climbing tree stands currently on the market, which can make an all day sit that much easier. It’s big enough for both rifle and bow hunters to use, but it’s still relatively lightweight and packs down into a pretty compact profile that’s easy to carry in and out of the woods.

Buy A Lone Wolf Climbing Tree Stand Here

99. Primos Alpha Dog Electronic Predator Call

best gifts for hunters primos alpha dog

Primos has been in the business of making game calls for decades and their Alpha Dog predator call is an outstanding choice for serious predator hunters who need a great electronic call.

The remote has a really long range, the call itself is loud and sounds incredibly realistic, and it comes with dozens of pre-programmed sounds as well as 6 proven sequences of calls based on what expert predator hunters use while they’re out hunting coyotes, bobcats, or other predators and varmints. For all those reasons, the Primos Alpha Dog Electronic Predator Call is one of those outstanding hunting gift ideas for those who want the best possible gear to hunt predators.

Buy A Primos Alpha Dog Electronic Predator Call Here

Best Gifts For Hunters Under $1,000

100. CVA Accura MR-X With Scope

picture of best gifts for hunters cva accura muzzleloader

The Accura MR-X is CVA’s top of the line muzzleloader and this particular model comes topped with a 3-9x40mm scope, a sling, and a soft carrying case. Additionally, this muzzleloader has a shorter 26″ barrel with a fast rifling twist suitable for use with very long and aerodynamic bullets. So, it’s perfect for hunting chasing whitetails in the Eastern US or climbing the mountains of the Western US for elk and mule deer.

Similar to Weatherby, CVA guarantees that the Accura will be the most accurate muzzleloader you’ve ever shot. As you can see, the CVA Accura MR-X Muzzleloader is a top end muzzleloader that mades an ideal hunting gift for those who want to go afield with the best possible muzzleloader.

Buy A CVA Accura Muzzleloader Here

101. Exo Mountain Gear K3 4800

best gifts for hunters exo mountain gear

Exo Mountain Gear produces some of the best hunting backpacks currently available anywhere in the world. Unlike many other companies that make backpacks, Exo Mountain Gear packs are designed by hunters and for hunters. So, every single part of these backpacks is designed for the best possible performance for hunters afield. This also includes packing out a heavy load of meat with some giant elk or antlers strapped to the frame, which is a situation where a lot of other packs really struggle.

The K3 4800 is one of their most popular models because it just flat out performs when the chips are down. It’s big enough to carry enough gear for a week long hunting trip in the back country, but it’s also light enough to tote through the woods on an afternoon stalk.

This backpack also incorporates a strong, but really lightweight frame and is incredibly well designed for an ergonomic perspective. For those reasons, it’s great for carrying really heavy loads. I’ve hunted with a bunch of different packs and none could hold a candle to the Exo Mountain Gear K3 4800. My only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner! So, if you have a hunter who spends a lot of time in the back country (or who is thinking about getting into that sort of hunting) on your gift list, then the Exo Mountain Gear K3 4800 is the perfect gift for them and they’ll really thank you the next time they have to pack an elk out of the mountains on their back. These backpacks are available in a couple different styles and colors, to include the camo pattern pictured.

Buy An Exo K3 4800 Backpack Here

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3 thoughts on “101 Best Gifts For Hunters [2024]”

  1. Hi. My husband and I live in Wyoming….where he enjoys the life of an avid outdoorsman. I am trying to find something to give him for Xmas. He has gone hunting in New Zealand and British Columbia. We have a buffalo, mountain goat, big horn sheep and red stag in our living room. Can you suggest a great hunt/guide that might interest him?

    • Hi Tracy. Thanks for your comment. My company Big Game Hunting Adventures offers a number of hunts that might appeal to him.
      It sounds like your husband hasn’t been to Africa yet. If that’s the case, then a hunt for plains game and/or cape buffalo in South Africa’s Limpopo Province is a heck of an adventure that he will probably really enjoy. This part of the country is located in one of the least developed areas left in South Africa and has that “wild Africa” feel with herds of elephants that roam the countryside, crocodiles in the river, and the sounds of lions and hyenas at night. It’s a true hunting adventure that you can’t find many other places in the world.
      If Africa is not his cup of tea, and if he didn’t hunt them on his previous trip to New Zealand, consider setting him up with a hunt for Himalayan Tahr and/or Chamois. We specialize in mountain hunts on foot (without a helicopter) for those species.
      I hope this helps.
      Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!


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