Ep 134: Winchester Turkey Hunting Ammo

This is the first episode in a series on turkey hunting. To kick things off, we have Jimmy Wilson from Winchester Ammunition with us on the show and he’s going to talk to us about turkey hunting ammunition. Specifically, we’re going to discuss why purpose built turkey ammo is nice to have, what sort of performance you ideally want from your turkey loads, and what sort of offerings Winchester manufacturers for turkey hunters.

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What We Covered

1) I briefly share the story of a turkey hunt where I used Winchester Super X turkey ammo with a lot of success.

2) How turkey are different from other species of game and what sort of performance you need out of your shot shells when turkey hunting.

3) Details on the specific shot shell lines Winchester currently manufacturers: Super X, Double X, and Long Beard XR.

4) What each line of Winchester turkey hunting ammo is best suited for.

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1) Learn more about Winchester turkey hunting ammunition on their web site.

2) Visit Winchester’s pattern board to learn how all their various turkey loads pattern at various ranges and from various shotgun chokes.