Ep 153: Africa Hunting Ammo 101

Today’s episode is about factory hunting ammo recommendations for hunting in Africa. I know this is something that we discuss a little here and there in individual episodes. However, I wanted to do a single episode dedicated to the topic specifically for those of you who have a hunt coming up or who are just dreaming about hunting in Africa one day.

Show Sponsor:  Big Game Hunting Adventures: We have one opening remaining for a hunt in South Africa in November of 2021. The conditions should be fantastic for the hunt of a lifetime then, so contact me for details on how to take advantage of this unique opportunity! Say you heard about Big Game Hunting Adventures through The Big Game Hunting Podcast for special pricing on your hunt!


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What We Covered

1) Update on the current hunting situation in Africa.

2) Similarities between what makes a good elk hunting bullet and what’s good for hunting plains game in Africa.

3) Best calibers for hunting plains game in Africa.

4) Best bullets for hunting plains game in Africa.

5) Best calibers for hunting cape buffalo in Africa.

6) Best bullets for hunting cape buffalo in Africa.

7) Best calibers for hunting lion and leopard in Africa.

8) Best bullets for hunting lion and leopard in Africa.


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Show Sponsor

We have one opening remaining for a hunt in Africa in 2021 in early November. Believe me when I say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity: hopefully, we’ll never again shut down hunting for a whole year like that. Fortunately, we got a lot of rain over there this past year, so game populations in general and the numbers and quality of trophy bulls in particular swelled past anything we’ve ever seen in the past. THIS is the year to come over if you want a BIG buffalo, wildebeest, waterbuck, impala, or kudu.

Every hunt so far in 2021 has been outstanding and it normally gets better and better until the dry season ends in late November. So, whoever books for early November should have the hunt of a lifetime. We can do plains game, buffalo, or a buffalo/plains game combo hunt in November.

As always, I’m offering a special bonus to podcast listeners who book a hunt with me. Contact me directly for details at john at thebiggamehuntingblog.com or visit bestsafarihunt.com to check out our hunting packages. Somebody’s going to have a great hunt this November and it might as well be you!