Ep 301: Rigby Dagga Boy Award With Marc Newton

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John Rigby & Co Managing Director Marc Newton joined me on this episode of The Big Game Hunting podcast to discuss the history of John Rigby & Co, some of their current rifle and shotgun offerings, and the 2025 Rigby Dagga Boy Award.

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Learn more about John Rigby & Company here.

Learn more about the Rigby Dagga Boy Award (along with eligibility requirements and instructions on how to enter).

Order a copy of the Rigby Dagga Boy Book here.

Follow me on Instagram to see a photo of Frank Cean’s winning buffalo from the 2021 Rigby Dagga Boy contest.

Learn more about the Rigby Big Game and Big Game PH rifles here.

For reference, those rifles are available in 375 H&H, 404 Jeffery, 416 Rigby, and 450 Rigby. The recipient of the 2025 Rigby Dagga Boy Award will receive a Big Game Rifle in 416 Rigby and the PH who guides the hunt will receive a Big Game PH rifle in 450 Rigby.

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