Winchester .223 Remington 55gr Varmint X Review

Check out this review of the Winchester .223 Remington 55gr Varmint X bullet designed for predator and varmint hunting.

Today I completed my second video review testing Winchester’s .223 Remington 55gr Varmint X bullets. While they did perform well, they did not work quite as well as Hornady’s V-Max bullets in the testing.

For the test I used a Sig Sauer M400 FDE enhanced rifle. The rifle has an 16″ barrel with a 1:7″ rifling twist and is topped with a Leupold Mark AR 1-4x20mm scope.

Using my chronograph, the Winchester Varmint X bullets had a mean velocity of 2835fps, a standard deviation of 24, a high velocity of 2879fps, a low velocity of 2783fps, and an extreme spread of 96fps. Winchester advertises a velocity of 3240fps for the Varmint X, but I obtained velocities about 400fps slower, most likely due to the fact that I was using a shorter barreled rifle with a faster rifling twist than their test rifle.

After firing a few of shots at a steel plate to get a feel for how the Varmint X bullets shot, I fired four five shot groups off of a bench rest for accuracy. My smallest group size was 1.3″ and the average size of the groups was 1.5″. Between the groups I shot for accuracy and the shots I fired to test the velocity, I shot 40 rounds of Varmint X ammunition and I did not experience any malfunctions whatsoever.

While I obtained very good results during this test, the 55gr Varmint X bullets will likely perform even better in rifles with a slower rifling twist and a longer barrel than my Sig Sauer M400. All in all, the Varmint X bullets performed well enough to use for predator hunting at reasonable ranges, though Hornady’s V-Max bullets did slightly better out of my rifle.

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