15 10, 2015
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Muzzleloader Deer Hunting In Eastern Washington

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Keep reading to learn what happened on my muzzleloader deer hunting trip in eastern Washington. I've been waiting for deer season all year long and I was ecstatic to finally be able to go on my long awaited muzzleloader deer hunting trip in eastern Washington. I even got a new muzzleloader (a CVA Optima Northwest

20 03, 2015
  • my first blacktail deer featured

My First Blacktail Deer

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Keep reading to learn the story about how I got my first blacktail deer. Blacktail deer are some of the toughest deer to hunt in North America. They inhabit thick forests in western California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia where visibility is often very short and hunting season nearly always coincides with bad weather. I

26 10, 2014
  • i-594 gun show

I-594: Washington Gun Control Law Synopsys

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Check out my synopsis of I-594: a proposed gun control law that is on the ballot in Washington State this year.   The upcoming election this November is shaping up to be a very important one for gun owners in Washington state. In addition to the normal elections for candidates running for public office, there