Ep 289: Dall Sheep Hunting With Mark Huelsing


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Today Mark Huelsing from Exo Mountain Gear and the Hunt Backcountry Podcast is on the show with us to talk about his recent Dall Sheep hunt up in Alaska. As you’ll learn here shortly, that hunt was quite the adventure with lots of emotional ups and downs along the way. He eventually got it done and tagged a great looking sheep on his hunt, but that whole experience seemed like a giant roller coaster ride and sounds like it really tested the limits of human endurance as well.

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2) Check out The Hunt Backcountry Podcast that Mark Steve co-hosts with Steve Speck on Apple Podcasts

3) Web Site For Exo Mountain Gear

4) Below is a photo of Mark and his Dall sheep.

Screen Shot 2023 12 13 at 1.05.50 PM