Ep 24: How Trophy Hunting In Africa Supports Wildlife Conservation

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How Trophy Hunting In Africa Supports Wildlife Conservation

Trophy hunting is a very misunderstood topic these days, even among hunters. The many misconceptions and myths that surround trophy hunting have helped turn it into a very controversial subject.

With all that in mind, my goal for today’s show is to clear up some of the misconceptions about trophy hunting in Africa and help set the record straight. I’m also going to go into detail on the tangible benefits that trophy hunting has for wildlife conservation all over the world, but specifically in Africa.

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What We Covered

1) What trophy hunting is and how trophy hunting is different from meat hunting

2) What fair chase hunting is

3) Misconceptions about trophy hunting

4) Why habitat loss and poaching are the most severe threats to wildlife in the world these days

5) How trophy hunting in Africa is beneficial for wildlife populations by giving wildlife tangible value, providing incentives to landowners to conduct “re-wilding” projects on their land, and by funding anti-poaching efforts

6) Why photo safaris and trophy hunting are best used as complementary instead of mutually exclusive activities

Show Resources

1) Learn more about trophy hunting, hunting ethics, and canned shooting at the links below

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2) Learn more about the positive effects of well regulated, sustainable trophy hunting at the link below

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