Ep 103: Africa Hunting Rifles 101 Kevin Robertson


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I’m pleased have Dr. Kevin Robertson back on the show today to talk about Africa hunting rifles, especially rifles well suited for hunting thick-skinned dangerous game like cape buffalo. When hunting buffalo, you need a rifle that’s accurate, sufficiently powerful, and unfailingly reliable under the most demanding conditions. Believe it or not, finding a rifle that satisfies all of these requirements is easier said that done. Fortunately Kevin has lots of real world experience afield in Africa and he literally wrote the book on this stuff and he shares some very valuable information.

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What We Covered

1) Stories of how things can go wrong when a hunter uses a rifle that’s not up to the task when hunting dangerous game.

2) Characteristics Kevin prioritizes when choosing the right rifle for hunting Africa.

3) Specific hunting rifle recommendations for the various species of game in Africa and description of the test Kevin has subjected rifles to in the past to see if they pass muster

4) Discussion on bolt action vs lever action and double rifles for hunting Africa.

5) Scope recommendations and other recommended accessories for hunting Africa.

6) Importance of mounting your scope as low as possible, especially for dangerous game hunting.

7) What sort of performance a skilled marksman with a good rifle is capable of in Africa.


1) The Perfect Shot and Africa’s Most Dangerous. Kevin wrote both of these books and I highly recommend purchasing copies of each if you think you might want to hunt in Africa one day. They contain a wealth of knowledge about the natural history of the major species of African game, cartridge recommendations, bullet recommendations, tips on shot placement, and general information about hunting in Africa. You can also purchase a pocket-sized mini edition of the Perfect Shot to take along as a reference on a hunt.

2) His books are also available directly from Safari Press.

3) Kevin’s Web Site: DrKevinRobertson.com 

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