Ep 162: Moose Hunting 101 With Joseph von Benedikt

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Joseph von Benedikt is back on the show again today to talk about moose hunting. As always, Joseph does a great job of telling some very interesting and detailed stories of some really cool hunts. In this episode, he shares the story of 2 moose hunts in Canada as well as a moose hunt in Alaska he went on with Neal Emery a few years ago. Of course, we talk about moose hunting cartridges and rifles as well as less often discussed, but still very important topics like meat handling and the logistics of these hunts.

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What We Covered

1) Joseph shares the story of his 3 moose hunts in Alaska and Canada.

2) Examples of the difficulties associated with weather and terrain on moose hunts.

2) Story illustrating just how good a moose’s hearing is.

4) The distinction Joseph draws between a good elk cartridge vs a good moose cartridge.

5) Cartridges and bullets Joseph recommends for moose.

6) Cost of a good moose hunt.

7) Discussion on the logistics of a moose hunt, to include how to get your meat and trophy home after the hunt.

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4) Below is a photo of Joseph and his Alaska moose.