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5 Great Pig Hunting Guns

Keep reading to learn about 5 great pig hunting guns.

Due to the growing feral pig problem in the United States, there are now more pig hunting opportunities than ever. Since their population that is rapidly increasing and expanding into different areas, the conditions under which feral pigs may be encountered are changing as well. For this reason, there are many different ways to hunt hogs. You can shoot them out of a blind overlooking a bait site, stalk them on foot, hunt them with hounds, shoot them at night using thermal sights, or even shoot them from a helicopter. With this in mind, there are many great pig hunting guns, but it’s important to choose a firearm appropriate to the conditions and method you plan on using to hunt pigs.

While feral pigs are tough animals, they are not bulletproof by any means and an appropriately armed hunter should have no trouble bringing down even the largest hog. Truth be told, if a firearm is capable of bringing down a deer or even a coyote, then it will probably do the same on a hog with good shot placement. For this reason, there are plenty of great pig hunting guns out there to choose from and this article is a non-exhaustive list of some examples of good hog guns.

Ruger American Rifle

With a reasonable price, good reliability, and near minute of angle accuracy, the Ruger American is just a good all-around hunting rifle. Ideal for use from hunting from a static location with a good shooting rest (such as over a bait site), the Ruger American is a great pig hunting gun for hunters who need a little bit of reach. Though a hunter armed with a Ruger American chambered in a flat shooting caliber like the .30-06 Springfield should have no trouble taking shots on pigs out to several hundred yards, the fact that it is a bolt action rifle does handicap most hunters attempting to shoot multiple feral pigs out of a sounder. So, while it’s not the best rifle for serious hog control work, it is still a great choice for those just interested in hunting pigs occasionally or to put some pork on the table.

Marlin Model 1895

Hunters looking for a great pig hunting gun for close quarters encounters on foot should consider the Marlin Model 1895 due to the rifle’s hard hitting, easy to carry, and fast pointing characteristics. When fitted with a low-powered scope or a ghost ring rear sight, the Marlin Model 1895 is set up perfectly for short range hunting and those big .45-70 bullets really do a number on even the largest feral pigs. If you prefer the .30-30 to the .45-70, then maybe the Marlin Model 336, which is virtually identical to the Model 1895, would be a better choice for you. Though it is not quite as fast as a semi-automatic rifle, a skilled hunter can still cycle that action really fast and quickly get off several aimed shots if he or she really gets into a big group of hogs.

Glock 20 Gen4

No list of the best pig hunting guns would be complete without a handgun. The Glock 20 Gen4 makes the grade because it’s chambered in 10mm Auto, has a 10-round magazine, and demonstrates the incredible reliability that Glock pistols are known for. The lightweight, yet hard hitting, Glock 20 is an ideal handgun for hunters pursuing pigs with hounds and is absolutely deadly in the right hands.

Benelli M4

When hunting in really thick conditions or when doing some serious hog control work from a helicopter, a good quality shotgun may well be best pig hunting gun. Under these conditions, you need a hard hitting shotgun that facilitates rapid follow-up shots. With a load of 00 or 000 buckshot, the Benelli is absolutely devastating on pigs and is tough to beat as a pig hunting gun when you need to take multiple shots at moving feral pigs.

Remington R-25

Are you into serious pig control work that might involve shooting 10-20 pigs in a single outing? Well, a modern sporting rifle like the Remington R-25 just might fit the bill perfectly for you then. In addition to facilitating the rapid follow-up shots that are necessary to shoot multiple pigs out of a sounder, the Remington R-25 is chambered in .308 Winchester, which is a great cartridge for hunting pigs. The rifle is also accurate, reliable, easy to use, and it accepts wide variety of accessories and optics. This makes the Remington R-25 especially popular among hog-control experts who shoot hogs at night with thermal optics.

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    I have killed hogs with .22 WMR, .35 Remington and 12 gauge slugs. A well placed shot is the key. You don’t have to spend a ton of money or have the newest, fanciest gun on the market. If you have something that will kill deer, you have something that will kill hogs. A shot behind the ear requires a good aim, but does not require top dollar guns or ammo.

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    Interest in feral hogs as a game species is not going away anytime soon and neither are the animals themselves. Sport hunting alone will not have enough direct impact on the population to stop the current pig explosion, but it can help pay for other methods.

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