• Huntin’ Fool Giveaway

    I recently received information from Huntin’ Fool about their 2014 membership drive and the associated giveaway. It looks like a pretty cool opportunity that I’d like to share with you all today.
    Win a Henry Mountains Mule Deer Hunt from Huntin’ Foo [...]

  • Cookbook Review: After the Hunt

    Eating wild game is one of the most popular reasons that people give for hunting. However, many people, especially non-hunters, are often reluctant to eat wild game. While there are many potential reasons for reluctance, misconceptions about the taste of wild game are a [...]

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    McNett Tactical Camo Form

    As I mentioned in my previous articles on the basics of turkey hunting and patterning a shotgun for turkey hunting, I’m in the process of preparing for a turkey hunt during Memorial Day weekend. Since wild turkeys are renowned for having outstanding eyesight, I decide [...]

  • Turkey Hunting Shotgun Patterning

    As I mentioned in my previous article, I’m in the process of preparing for an upcoming turkey hunt during Memorial Day weekend. Since my Remington Model 1100 shotgun originally had a barrel with a fixed improved choke, I recently purchased a new barrel that came with [...]

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    Turkey Hunting Basics

    Spring Turkey season is almost upon us and I’m starting to prepare for an upcoming turkey hunt Memorial Day weekend. I’ve never seriously hunted turkey prior to this year, so I will be spending a lot of time learning and preparing for my turkey hunt over the [...]

  • Trail Camera Tips

    Over the past few years, trail cameras have become an extremely important tool for big game hunters all over the world, especially for deer hunters in the United States. However, like any tool, they must be used property in order to realize their full potential. There a [...]

  • 550 Cord & Bullet Accessories Review

    I was recently contacted by a representative from the web sites Lucky Shot and Cobra Braid asking for a review of some of their products. Lucky Shot produces bullet jewelry and bottle openers from decommissioned bullets while Cobrabraid produces bracelets and other acce [...]

  • Patience Is Rewarded With A Trophy White Tail

    Today is a repost of the very first blog entry I ever posted on this blog: the story of my first trophy white tail. Some of you, especially those who have began following the blog more recently, may not have had the opportunity to read this story and I’d like to s [...]

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    The .45-70 Government

    Today I’ll be discussing a cartridge that, while popular in certain circles, does not get a lot of attention these days: .45-70 Government. The .45-70 delivers bone crushing power at close range, but is difficult to shoot accurately at longer ranges because its big, s [...]

  • Outfitter Review: Double Barrel Upland Bird Ranch

    This weekend, I took my wife Tricia on her first ever hunting trip: a guided pheasant hunt on the Double Barrel Upland Bird Ranch just south of Spokane, Washington. I wanted to ensure that she started her hunting career off on a good note and took great care in selectin [...]