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5 Trail Camera Tips To Help You Scout More Effectively

Over the past few years, trail cameras have become an extremely important tool for big game hunters all over the world, especially for deer hunters in the United States. However, like any tool, they must be used property in order to realize their full potential. There are a number of pretty common mistakes that most hunters make when first using trail cameras. Luckily, correcting most of those mistakes is relatively easy and doing so can significantly improve the quality of scouting that their trail camera can provide. Today, I’ll share some tips for using a trail camera that I’ve learned the hard way over the years.

Trail Camera Security

Since they are a valuable item that is left unaccompanied out in the woods, an unsecured trail camera can be a very enticing target for a thief. This is especially true when using them on public land. There are three ways to secure your trail camera: by physically locking it to a tree or other mounting device, by placing it in an inconspicuous location where it is less likely to be noticed or stolen, and…